Steven Stadler

Steven Stadler

Steven Stadler currently works at Fayette County Attorney as an Assistant County Attorney-Assistant Director Civil Division. Prior to this position, he held one company job.

Floresville Cemetery will hold his burial. His survivors include his wife, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren as well as a twin sister and numerous nieces and nephews who survive him. Unfortunately both of his parents predeceased him.

Early Life and Education

Steven Stadler is not only known for his musical career, but is also an exemplary family man. As the proud father of three children and four grandchildren, Steven takes great pleasure in cheering for his favorite sports teams such as KU Jayhawks and KC Chiefs as well as being an active member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

On cross-appeal, Lisa asserts that the district court made errors in valuing Stadler Farms, including exclusion of minor children’s bank accounts from marital estate valuation, and in calculating Steven’s child support obligation. Furthermore, Lisa does not believe joint custody to be in her children’s best interests.

Fairy HeartMagic marked Stadler’s return to instrumental pieces and featured Stephannie, an exceptional dream-recalling vocalist renowned for creating “a new language of Celtic fantasy.” Additionally, this was his inaugural CD-ROM enhanced album.

Professional Career

Stadler was an impressive golfer during his career. He won more than 13 PGA Tour events and played on the Ryder Cup team; additionally he claimed two victories on the Nationwide Tour.

In 2014, at his 239th PGA Tour start, he became the first father-son duo to win on this elite tour and also became the oldest winner since Nicklaus won his U.S. Open tournament at age 46 in 1971.

Felice has 25 years of experience leading nationally prominent policy advocacy campaigns and forging effective coalitions to protect communities and natural ecosystems from pollution. She has led campaigns addressing environmental justice and has helped grow Audubon’s national network of local advocates.

Achievement and Honors

Stadler’s music reflects Celtic mythology, particularly Faerie. His six albums feature Celtic-influenced themes and atmospheres with melodic elements of rare world instruments combined with synthesizer orchestrations. For his first two albums (Fairy of the Woods and Fairy HeartMagic), airbrush artist Scott Thom (renowned for New Age greeting cards) created their artwork; on subsequent releases Katlyn Breene of Las Vegas band Zingaia made their illustrations.

Prize is presented to graduating students who demonstrate exceptional qualities of compassion, generosity and dignity in service of enhancing Columbia College life. Top 5 percent receive summa cum laude; thereafter 10 percent will be recognized with magna cum laude awards.

Personal Life

Stadler is well known for his passion for music and has performed in multiple chamber ensembles. Additionally, he recorded an album of instrumental versions of some of his favorite songs entitled Fairy Lullabies. Additionally, Stadler enjoys traveling with his wife and is part of the Class of 1948.

He is a tireless patron of arts, working on various fundraising projects to benefit the local arts scene as well as helping establish scholarships for students.

Stadler filed a federal court lawsuit last year alleging that Abrams and Devlin used excessive force when arresting him for the theft of a coin-box car wash coin machine. He claimed Abrams and Devlin beat, punched and allowed their dog to bite him during arrest. Jennifer Bonjean of Civil Rights Law Group represented Stadler.

Net Worth

He has amassed total career earnings of $9,738,342. The average prize money received each year averages $572,844.

Steven owns ownership interests in Stadler Farms and in the L & V Stadler Inc. In his brief to this court, Steven asserts that the district court made an error in awarding sole custody to Lisa and determining parenting time. Steven further alleges that due to being paid once annually from his employer, he borrows money throughout the year in order to cover living expenses from Stadler Farms.

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