Steven Simpkins

Steven Simpkins and Ty Simpkins

Steven Simpkins has over two decades of experience practicing real estate. Throughout that time, he has seen both highs and lows of the market.

He specializes in both residential and commercial properties, and has represented multiple clients in litigation cases.

He graduated with a BS in organizational leadership and an AS in criminal justice from Chapman University.

Early Life and Education

He holds both a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Master’s in Counseling degrees, in addition to being certified through the Professional Development Institute as a trainer.

Simpkins has been licensed as an insurance agent for more than 25 years and brings with him extensive knowledge in commercial, auto and life policies to make sure customers receive coverage they require at a price suitable to them. His expertise helps customers secure coverage they require within their budget constraints.

Simpkins has long been a resident of Danville and maintains close ties to Edgewood Baptist. He loves his community deeply and strives to help it flourish, including through programs such as Recess with the Cops and junior youth cademies that foster police-child bonds.

Professional Career

Simpkins specializes in personal injury and clinical negligence compensation claims. He holds Senior Litigator status with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers as well as Law Society Personal Injury Accreditation status. Simpkins and Co is his practice located in Highcliffe, Dorset.

He began his professional career at the sheriff’s office in 1994 as a deputy at Martinez Detention Facility, County Patrol and Danville’s contract city, before transitioning to Danville where he served as deputy sheriff and deputy chief of police.

He now oversees academic services for 400 student-athletes enrolled in the Eagle Athletic program, boasting six consecutive academic years with grades of 3.0 or better – a first in school history!

Achievement and Honors

Steven Simpkins regularly attends and completes classes and seminars designed to keep him current on modern technologies and marketing concepts that help his clients sell their homes faster. Additionally, he provides his clients with superior website designs that increase exposure by showing the home to more buyers quicker.

On Wednesday evening, numerous town council members, police officers and residents came out in force to thank him for seven years of service, offering up good-natured jokes and even tears of admiration for leading his department to record low crime rates while emphasizing community integration through outreach programs like Recess with the Cops.

Simpkins has received multiple honors and awards throughout his career, including being honored as one of Marin County’s finest police chiefs by the Marin Citizen and being named an officer of the year in 2015. In addition, he holds both a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership as well as an associate degree from Solano College.

Personal Life

As a family man, Steven Simpkins strives to provide his customers with comprehensive insurance protection for both their home and businesses. He takes time to understand each individual customer’s individual needs before helping them choose an insurance plan within their budget.

He is a member of both the Law Society Personal Injury Panel and Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). He has experience representing individuals involved in road traffic accidents (RTA’s), workplace accidents and clinical negligence claims.

Simpkins leads community integration programs like Recess with the Cops and an open house in order to help local citizens understand why police officers exist, particularly at times of rising national tension. He believes it is crucial that communities understand why police officers exist as part of society today.

Net Worth

Ty Simpkins is an acclaimed American actor acclaimed for his stellar film career and estimated net worth estimated to be $2 Million. He made his acting debut in 2005’s War of the Worlds; but is perhaps best-known for his portrayal as Owen Grady in Jurassic World in 2015.

He has appeared in other television shows such as Guiding Light and Family Guy, in addition to making numerous movie appearances and providing voice acting work for video games.

He has worked with some of the top directors, such as Steven Spielberg and Sam Mendes. Recently, he was approached for a role in an untitled Avengers film and will reprise his role of Harley Keener with a cameo appearance in this movie.

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