Steven Seaweed

Steven Seaweed Retires From KSAN FM 107.7 The Bone

Steven Seaweed hung up his mic for good this week after 44 years on air as known as “Weedman.” After 44 years at KSAN FM 107.7 The Bone, KSAN FM announced this week they are retiring him as they prepare to transition him into retirement.

Steve Allnutt of Sussex checks the temperature and lighting in his garage as he cultivates a type of kelp that his beef and dairy customers use to reduce methane from their cow’s burps.

Early Life and Education

Steven Seaweed has been an integral part of KSAN airwaves for 44 years, starting out at Carmel’s 101.7 KLRB as early as 1972 and remaining through their transition from rock radio to country in 1980 before transitioning to freeform rock stations such as KWSS, 94.5 KFAT, Alice 97.3 and KSAN.

He currently sits on the Board of CH4 Global, an ocean-based agriculture company working to reduce methane emissions from livestock and positively influence climate change. Additionally, he serves as an active speaker on sustainable ocean farming, food security and family nutrition issues.

He was trained in biological fluid mechanics, the study of wind and waves’ effects on living things such as prairie dog burrow ventilation to water flowing through moth antennae to how seaweed endures crashing waves.

Professional Career

Steven Seaweed is an award-winning broadcaster with 44 years of experience. For 14 years he was the midday host at Cumulus classic rock station KSAN “The Bone” in San Mateo, California – known for his engaging personality, humorous jokes, and charming persona. Steven has earned himself the nickname of “The Weedman”.

He also worked as a maritime researcher for The Nature Conservancy, being responsible for creating and implementing state-wide coastal conservation strategies. Furthermore, he is skilled in nearshore habitat restoration and shellfish aquaculture production.

Steven is well known for his offbeat sense of humor, having created the fake psychedelic band The Dukes of Stratosphear as an homage to the 1960s. Additionally, he has contributed lyrics for songs featured on Porcupine Tree albums like Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape and Up the Downstair.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Meller is an acclaimed entrepreneur and investor who has successfully developed innovative, disruptive products and capabilities worth over $20 billion in net profits. Currently he is leading CH4 Global’s efforts to establish global aquaculture ecosystems for Asparagopsis seaweed cultivation to reduce methane emissions from livestock production while mitigating climate change.

At Health Education East of England, he also brings healthcare topics alive by combining clinical experience, patient stories of Huntington’s Chorea and music into unforgettable sessions for students.

KSAN-FM rock radio personality Steven Seaweed will soon retire after four decades on air at 107.7 The Bone in Northern California. To commemorate this momentous occasion, his fans, listeners, and station staff alike are being invited on an unforgettable Bone Voyage Hornblower cruise with KSAN-FM to bid farewell and celebrate.

Personal Life

Radio personality Steven Seaweed, better known as “The Weedman” or simply “Steve,” will soon be retiring after 44 years in broadcast radio in San Mateo/San Francisco as midday host on Cumulus Classic Rock KSAN since its inception.

Prior to returning to KSAN as it relaunched in 2005, he worked at freeform KLRB until its format change to country in 1980, then spent time at Gilroy-based KFAT, Santa Rosa-based KWSS, and Alice 97.3 before rejoining KSAN under new management.

Seaweed and Murph Mac share an irreverent sense of humor that shines through their chats with listeners. Their signature bit involves an imaginary band called The Dukes of Stratosphear that features characters such as Sir Tarquin Underspoon, Mr. Jelly, Expanding Flan and Timothy Tadpole-Jones; an homage to Malcolm Stocks’ fictional psychedelic group The Incredible Expanding Mindfuck as well as Steven Wilson’s Porcupine Tree.

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