Steven Scroggins

Michael Steven Scroggins

Michael Steven Scroggins will be missed dearly by all who knew and loved him, especially being such an avid Philadelphia Eagles supporter and great friend to everyone around him.

MEMPHIS — Ten individuals were arrested as part of an undercover police sting involving human trafficking. Memphis Police Department claims they communicated with a 16-year-old through text messaging and agreed to pay her for sexual acts in exchange for money.

Early Life and Education

His Grandfather taught him the difference between tools and toys, while he spent hours on his back porch whittling and learning to use basic woodworking tools. On weekends he would accompany his grandfather as they pasted and installed wall paper; this experience left him with an instinctive ability to work with Collage/Assemblage techniques as well as an affinity for Kinetic Sculpture sculpture creation.

His life was spent attending Parkdale Baptist Church and gardening and hunting with family and friends. He leaves behind his wife Patsy Scroggins; two daughters Lara and Stephanie Scroggins of Sellersburg, IN; three step-children – Bronson Sherrill (John Davis), Shane Sherrill from Clarksville and LaGena Bottoms from Russell Springs; as well as nine grandchildren.

Funeral services will take place Thursday morning, May 25th at 10:00 in the Jones-Hartshorn Chapel with Bro. Kelly Jones officiating and burial to follow at Parkdale Cemetery.

Professional Career

When people think of Florida bass fishing, they usually conjure images of heavy braided line and an excessive weight. While these techniques are certainly valid methods, Scroggins quickly points out the legitimacy of finesse fishing as an option in Florida.

At some point in their lives, everyone experiences some form of failure; however, many individuals manage to overcome these hurdles and come out stronger than ever.

Stephen brings to his clients an invaluable combination of skills. This includes his in-depth knowledge of financial considerations; experience as a mediator/collaborator/zealous advocate in litigation; as well as patience and empathy when facing challenging cases for his clients.

Achievement and Honors

Michael Steven Scroggins passed away peacefully in Niceville, Florida on June 29th 2020 after serving in both the Air Force and Army. A passionate Philadelphia Eagles fan and good friend to all whom he met, Michael will be greatly missed by his fiancee Tatiana Fuentes as well as mother, brothers, fiancee Tatiana Fuentes as well as many other family and friends.

Esteem Team Properties, a full service real estate company founded and led by him, has won him many awards and recognition over time. Additionally, he is actively engaged in cancer research and treatment as an active volunteer emcee in various community charities, serving on multiple Boards as an accomplished author of multiple books while teaching state certified continuing education classes.

Personal Life

Stephen was raised alongside his younger brother in an financially weak and unstable household, teaching him how to care for him early on and helping to develop him into an emotionally healthy individual. This enabled Stephen to develop mentally robustly.

Stephen is both an Artist and Strategist. His artistic mediums of choice include Oil, Acrylic, and Watercolor as well as Mixed Media Collage/Assemblage.

Author of ApParent Privilege – Family Discipleship and ReThink – Decide for Yourself, He also actively pastors Family Church in West Palm Beach Florida with a passion for multiplying disciples. Married to Tina with three children under his roof. Holds a bachelors degree in Religious Studies and Philosophy.

Net Worth

Scoggins is an internationally acclaimed business coach, author, and motivational speaker with an extraordinary perspective on success. Drawing upon his own experiences of homelessness and major financial loss to formulate his message of overcoming adversity. Today he runs multiple businesses including two 8-9 figure businesses – both coaching businesses. In addition, his wealth is estimated at $15 Million dollars.

His most successful businesses include The Journey Principles Institute and Custom Home Exteriors.

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