Steven Rollins

A Profile of Steven Rollins

Rollins has long been recognized in both music and chess circles. He served on the All-Marine Chess Team and participated in both Interservice Chess Tournament and US Armed Forces Open Chess Championship tournaments, among others.

1994 marked Rollins’ breakthrough year, due to two albums released simultaneously: Weight (his highest-rated album to date) and Get in the Van (a collection of readings from his book).

Early Life and Education

Rollins faced numerous barriers in his early years that prevented his success: America had just recently started to address racism; jazz music had yet to establish itself as an art form; heroin abuse among young jazz players was commonplace.

Rollins dedicated a great deal of his time practicing during this period. He would often play for hours each day on the pedestrian walkway of Williamsburg Bridge; today, an apartment building stands on this spot where Rollins once practiced.

Rollins continued his recording and performance career throughout the 1960s while also taking a number of sabbaticals to study religion and yoga in Japan and India. In 1972 he earned a Guggenheim Fellowship and began composing music specifically tailored for tenor saxophone.

Professional Career

Rollins is an experienced landscaping services professional with years of experience in his field. A talented leader, he excels at working well with clients and staff members alike while possessing strong organizational development and career planning capabilities.

As well as his acting work, Rollins also dabbles in music as part of Rollins Band. This version had more overt jazz leanings than previous incarnations as evidenced by recording sessions with free jazz saxophonist Charles Gayle for their 2003 album Weighting.

Jackass star Steve-O recently brought up an imagined feud between Rollins and himself during an appearance on Chris Pontius’ Wild Ride!. Watch this clip to get a sense of Steve-O’s sense of humor on display here!

Achievement and Honors

Rollins created a scoring system during his time in the Navy that allows teammates to compete against one another without disrupting their team score, now included in the U.S. Chess Rules book.

Rollins’ popularity and profile shot through the roof with the release of Weight (one of his highest-reviewed albums to date) and Get in the Van (a double-disc set containing readings from his memoir). A new spoken word release entitled Think Tank also came out that year.

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Personal Life

Rollins made his mark as a post-punk Renaissance man by publishing books and poetry, recording albums with his band and undertaking spoken word tours. Additionally, he was an enthusiastic athlete participating in various sports activities.

Rollins was involved in a plot with three others to rob John Bussell of his bait shop and camp-home next door to Rollins’ residence in Colonial Heights in 2001. While under questioning by police, Rollins admitted killing Bussell during the robbery attempt.

He claimed his constitutionally guaranteed right to an attorney was breached when he gave a statement without an attorney present, yet the court dismissed this argument because Rollins had been properly warned of and signed a waiver form of Miranda rights; further, jurors found more “legally defined aggravating circumstances than weak mitigating factors.

Net Worth

Rollins is widely known for his generous philanthropy and has endorsement agreements with various brands. Through his ministry work in churches, he also makes significant contributions. Rollins has played an instrumental role in building bridges between different churches and groups.

He is a member of Destiny Church and i5 City Church and passionately adheres to Christian beliefs that go beyond borders by intentionally loving others without preferences that draw visible or invisible lines between people.

He is also an avid car collector, owning an impressive assortment of automobiles ranging from Chevrolet Impalas and Chrysler 300Cs to other types of vehicles in his garage. Additionally, he enjoys playing golf in local clubs and competitions.

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