Steven Milunovich

Steven Milunovich

Steven Milunovich is an innovative tech strategist with an in-depth knowledge of key trends and sectors. Prior to becoming a strategist, he spent 34 years as an on-sell side technology analyst.

He believes the most successful companies are those that understand what consumers need their products for, which is why he thinks Apple will go big on augmented reality as their next big thing.

Early Life and Education

Milunovich quickly distinguished herself on the tennis court from an early age, playing for Greenwich Academy’s varsity team before refining her skills at Trumbull Tennis Club where she currently ranks first among 18-year-olds in New England.

She currently participates in both the USTA Girls 16s and 18s National Teams as well as having an extensive junior tournament schedule.

Milunovich may be well-known as one of the top research analysts in tech, yet she remains humble about her success. She credits great mentors at Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Brunswick Group LLP with helping her reach this position. Milunovich lives with Tom in New Canaan Connecticut with two children including Julia who currently ranks No.1 in New England and third nationally on the tennis circuit.

Professional Career

Milunovich earned top rankings as a sell side technology analyst during his 23 appearances on Institutional Investor magazine’s poll of sell side analysts from Salomon Brothers, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.

Analyst David Anderson tracks computer companies such as IBM, Apple and Hewlett-Packard while also offering wider commentary on industry trends as a commentator. Most recently he spoke at Kellogg School as part of their Asset Management Practicum guest lecture series.

While out of the office, he enjoys playing tennis with Lexi at Greenwich Academy and participating in junior tournaments. Lexi recently reached the semifinals at the USTA Girls 16s National Hard Court Championship in San Diego as her third tournament this year – an important test ahead of heading off to college next year!

Achievement and Honors

Steven Milunovich is an esteemed securities analyst and member of both the New York Society of Security Analysts (NSSA) and Finance Analysts Federation (FAF), earning both his BBA degree from University of Wisconsin with honors and MBM degree from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern.

Institutional Investor has recognized him 23 times for his achievements as a top research analyst, making him one of the leading IT hardware analysts. He has worked for prominent Wall Street firms including Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Salomon Brothers.

In 2015, he joined Brunswick Group as a partner and is regularly invited as a guest lecturer to teach Kellogg Asset Management Practicum course students the art of being successful investment bankers.

Personal Life

Milunovich enjoys traveling, photography and hiking as hobbies in his personal life. Additionally, he is active in the New Canaan Men’s Club board as a director and speaks at local schools about its mission.

Milunovich earned both his undergraduate degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison and MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern. Since 1984 he has worked as a securities analyst, covering companies like IBM and Apple while offering commentary on industry trends. Institutional Investor’s Research Hall of Fame honored him by including him on their poll 12 consecutive times; prior positions held include Salomon Brothers, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch before finally taking up work with Wolfe Research in 2010.

Net Worth

Milunovich may not make his net worth public, but his credentials as a tech analyst speak volumes: He has appeared 24 times on Forbes’ annual rankings of top research analysts. Milunovich has tracked computer companies like Apple and Hewlett-Packard while also offering wider industry commentary.

One area he remains confident about is the smart grid. Utilities have begun installing two-way meters into homes in hopes that people will reduce energy usage once more information about usage becomes available to them, benefitting companies like Itron – an American maker of electricity, gas and water meters.

He recommends EnerNOC as another grid-related stock, acting as a mediator between utilities and large commercial and industrial users of energy to help ensure they reduce consumption when necessary.

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