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Steven Mark Milunovich to Address the New Canaan Men’s Club on Friday

Milunovich has been recognized by Institutional Investor as their number-one securities analyst for 12 consecutive years. On Friday he will speak at the Men’s Club about technology trends and market drivers.

He suggests HP should divide into separate businesses to more effectively compete against Dell and IBM. He proposes splitting off its printing and imaging division.

Early Life and Education

Steven Mark Milunovich began his securities analyst career at First Boston Corporation in 1983 when personal computers weren’t yet widespread and email was still several decades away.

He joined Morgan Stanley when it was just emerging as a tech powerhouse, meeting luminaries such as Chuck Phillips, Mary Meeker and Frank Quattrone before switching over to Merrill Lynch in 1997.

Today he works as a senior research analyst for Tech Advisor LLC and covers clean technology trends. On Friday at New Canaan Men’s Club he will share insights into recent market drivers as well as provide guidance for identifying and assessing new companies.

Professional Career

Lexi Milunovich began playing tennis less than a year ago and found herself disliking it at first, yet now the Greenwich Academy junior is making waves on the tennis circuit; currently she ranks first among 16-year-old girls in New England region and third nationally.

She recently participated in the National 18s tournament. On weekends, this rising junior can be found honing her skills at the Tennis Club of Trumbull.

At Friday’s Men’s Club meeting, Milunovich will address key trends and market drivers with members. Additionally, he will share his expertise on the stock market from his 34 years as a sell-side analyst – including being honored by Institutional Investor’s Research Hall of Fame as well as appearing 23 times on their poll.

Achievement and Honors

Milunovich attended Northwestern University before starting work at Salomon Brothers and later Morgan Stanley, covering technology for over 20 years as one of Wall Street’s premier sell-side analysts. Among his colleagues were Mary Meeker (now at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers), Chuck Phillips, George Kelly and Frank Quattrone.

As a Brunswick Group partner, he offers an integrative view of trends and sectors within the technology industry. A member of Institutional Investor Research Hall of Fame for twelve times being named #1 analyst out of 23 polled analysts; In May he spoke at Kellogg students about his career as top tech hardware analyst and financial industry veteran; longstanding member of New York Society of Securities Analysts and Finance Analysts Federation that recognized him as distinguished analyst.

Personal Life

Milunovich is happily married to Pamela and has three children. Her hobbies include skiing and golfing, but most importantly she treasures spending time with her family. Additionally, she appreciates a good glass of wine paired with delicious cuisine!

She has an avid interest in history and an outstanding work ethic as well as exceptional communication skills – qualities essential in the investment world.

UBS analyst Steven Milunovich had the chance to meet Apple CEO Tim Cook recently and, based on their comments, forecast that they will introduce a voice messaging app soon. Milunovich noted how Jobs’ emphasis on product vertical integration continues under Cook and applauded Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli’s new biography of Jobs as well as its publication date.

Net Worth

Forbes estimates he is worth $70 Million. Institutional Investor magazine has honored him as the best equity research analyst on 24 separate occasions, and Tech Advisor LLC publishes his research. His studies cover companies like IBM and Apple as well as providing commentary on technological trends. Each Friday morning he speaks at New Canaan Men’s Club; meetings resumed after being cancelled during coronavirus pandemic outbreak. ‘Power Lunch’ on Bloomberg Television regularly features him.

Milunovich likes smart grid stocks, which help utilities reduce energy demand at peak times. He mentions Itron as an electricity meter manufacturer who provide more information to customers regarding how much power they are using and prompt them to reduce it accordingly.

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