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Profile of Steven Lazarus

Steven Lazarus has an abiding passion for people, public policy and research. As program director for Cardus’ Next Gen initiative he brings expertise in social policy analysis, Christian political thought analysis and religious freedom advocacy.

Lazarus, who celebrates 65 this year, is handing his store over to Cashwell and plans on working part time there in exchange for part of its proceeds. He hopes his community will rally behind his efforts.

Early Life and Education

Steven Lazarus is a family formation attorney who handles hundreds of cases each year with care and consideration. He understands that family matters can be deeply personal, so he works diligently to help each case move along as comfortably as possible for everyone involved.

Since 1986, Mr. Rehfeldt has served as director of ARCH Venture Partners – a company created to transfer technology between University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratories – one of twelve U.S. national laboratories –

Antioch School of Law and Cleveland-Marshall College of Law have both appointed him to teach law. Furthermore, he serves on numerous corporate, community, and non-profit boards – graduating with honors from Dartmouth College before attending Harvard Business School as a Baker Scholar.

Professional Career

Steve Lazarus has extensive experience in real estate, selling both commercial and multifamily property. Additionally, he has served on various corporate, community, and not-for-profit boards.

He has represented public employees and unions in hundreds of labor arbitration proceedings, such as negotiation impasse procedures, disciplinary appeals, layoffs and matters pertaining to civil service rules and promotional examinations. Additionally, he is a member of both Cincinnati and Ohio Bar Associations and regularly lectures on contract negotiation tactics and effective arbitration advocacy advocacy.

Lazarus is the founder of ARCH Venture Partners, a firm which promotes technology transfer through commercialization of science at both University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory. Additionally, he sits on several boards including Amgen Foundation and Northwestern Healthcare Network as well as being on National Venture Capital Association board of directors.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Lazarus is a Principal at Axis Architectural Group and brings leadership and design experience to the firm. With a keen business sense and extensive marketing, initial project programming and design experience under his belt, he ensures its strength is preserved.

He is the author of numerous data assimilation articles covering topics ranging from complex terrain (Lazarus et al., 1999) to sea surface temperatures (Lazarus et al., 2007) and tropical cyclone winds (Lazarus et al., 2013). Additionally, he developed a model to predict COPD exacerbations as well as studies related to mucus hypersecretion and airway function.

He is a founding member of the Atlanta Psychiatrists Association and was recognized as one of its Top 10 Producers in 2007. Additionally, Southpace presented him with their Commercial Million Dollar Sales Club award.

Personal Life

Steven Lazarus is a committed family man who takes great pleasure in theatre and travel. He has served on the boards of multiple companies as a board member or written several books. Furthermore, he was appointed Associate Dean at University of Chicago Graduate School of Business while founding President/CEO of Argonne-Chicago Development Corporation.

He has also held government posts, serving as deputy assistant secretary of commerce for East-West trade for the United States – a bureau he created and directed – as well as serving in the Navy for 21 years before retiring with captain’s rank.

Lazarus is involved with various charitable endeavors, including his work with birth mothers and their families. He provides legal financial support in order to assist with any costs related to pregnancy or related expenses.

Net Worth

Steven Lazarus joined Southpace as an associate broker in 2004. With years of experience in multi-family investment and operations, Steven has achieved multiple Million Dollar Sales Club statuses and recently achieved lifetime membership of the Commercial Sales Achievement Club.

He is also an author, having written numerous analysis/data assimilation articles involving complex terrain (Lazarus et al 1999) and sea surface temperatures (Lazarus et al 2001). Furthermore, he has used WRF models extensively for operational applications, such as coupled wind/wave models and tropical cyclone winds.

He is an in-demand speaker for both academic and business audiences, regularly engaging in pro-bono activities and serving on the Board of Directors for non-profit organizations.

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