Steven Lamoureux

Steven Lamoureux, APRN, Was Arrested on a Warrant Monday for Sexual Assault

Steven Lamoureux, an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) in Farmington, Connecticut was arrested Monday on an active warrant alleging sexually assaulting one of his patients.

Steve first became interested in science as a youngster, drawn in by B science fiction movies and the space race. By eighth grade he discovered higher level science books from adult sections of libraries.

Early Life and Education

Steven Lamoureux, an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), was arrested by Farmington police following an incident wherein he engaged in sexual misconduct against one of his medical patients. Lamoureux faces third degree felony charges.

Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux were raised with an intense competitive drive that was encouraged by their mother, Linda. That drive manifested itself most prominently during their careers on the ice hockey rink – where their presence saw three Olympic appearances as well as being honored with induction into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame.

Their mother instilled discipline, hard work and the value of teamwork into them from an early age; lessons which they continue to apply in both their personal and professional lives.

Professional Career

He brings with him extensive technology, product development and consumer marketing experience. He has led successful product launches and marketing campaigns for various leading technology companies and founded Affinnova – an award-winning digital and social media marketing services firm.

He holds a Ph.D in Physics from the University of Washington and currently serves as Research Associate Professor at Yale. His expertise lies in ultracold neutrons and precision experimental techniques; more specifically he has recently focused on measuring spatial isotropy and time reversal symmetry.

On Monday, Lamoureux was arrested by warrant and charged with sexually assaulting a female patient who visited him for medical assistance. According to police reports, she trusted Lamoureux enough to allow him to perform what she described as a relaxation technique on her.

Achievement and Honors

Sisters born into an organized yet chaotic household like that of Lamoureux made a markful imprint on hockey and society alike. They changed careers of those around them, advocated for increased compensation, were the first two women ever selected for United States national team defense team defense play and scored some of the biggest goals ever scored by U.S. women’s hockey – such as “Oops I Did It Again Goal.”

Sen. Tom Udall will present Dr. Loreen Lamoureux with a New Mexico Bio-technology Award this Friday at NMC’s Biological Research Laboratory and Greenhouse for their work in algae biotechnology. They will be joined by NMC Professor Dr. Sangeeta Negi and UNM professor Loreen Lamoureux who specialize in algae biotechnology respectively.

Personal Life

He enjoys classic rock (he is a regular on Carl J. Frano’s oldies radio show on WPKN), gardening and tinkering with electronics in his basement shop. Additionally, he finds great enjoyment operating audio boards and lights for local rock bands at venues and dives on weekends.

Lamoureux is married and is proud of his three children: Henri, Leah and Jocelyne. He has witnessed them persevere through injuries, tryouts and hard work in pursuit of their hockey dreams.

He holds that spiritual truths of Scripture are inerrant, while physical accounts of creation may contain errors; this concept he refers to as the Message-Incident Principle. Additionally, he believes evolution is compatible with Scripture as outlined in his book Evolution: Scripture and Nature Say Yes!

Net Worth

Steven Lamoureux is a prominent social media figure with an enormous following on both Instagram and YouTube. Married for over two decades to Holly, they share three children together – Elijah, Graham, and Abbey.

He earns a fortune through YouTube and Instagram igtv videos, running giveaways to his fans and giving them costly gifts as a gesture of his affection.

His net worth is estimated to be in the region of 35 Million. He makes huge amounts from videos and sponsorship deals.

He is widely recognized for his viral challenge videos on SteveWillDoIt, with more than 3 million subscribers and an aggregated viewing count of 256 Million+ views on his videos. As one of the leading pranksters of today, Steve is undoubtedly an impressive presence online.

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