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Actor – Steven Hooper

Stephen Hooper is a businessman with vast wealth. Since 2022-2023, his net worth has steadily been increasing and he has successfully made himself known in the Actor world.

He grew up in Annapolis Maryland and is proud of his Annapolitan roots. With a passion for soccer, he has coached 2-8 year old beginner leagues while also competing varsity in high school – not forgetting his love for Annapolitan beer!

Early Life and Education

Steve Hooper grew up in Windsor, Ontario where he developed two passions – sports and education. He attended Bluevale Collegiate before later serving as guidance counselor at Eastwood Collegiate.

Research for his publications included articles and monographs on Polynesian art and anthropology as well as conducting fieldwork in Fiji. Additionally, he held adjunct faculty appointments as well as membership on SU’s Board of Trustees; where he assisted President Sullivan’s selection.

John and Kevin created an endowed scholarship in their mother’s name as a way of honoring her views about education and keeping her legacy alive for posterity. This scholarship supports students interested in health sciences.

Professional Career

Steve Hooper is a physiotherapist, personal trainer and strength coach specializing in health, nutrition, movement therapy and hands-on therapy. In addition to this he lectures on various aspects of physical and psychological conditioning.

Over her 21-year career at the FBI’s Baltimore Field Office, she achieved the rank of Assistant Special Agent in Charge specializing in Counterterrorism, Crimes against Children and Executive Protection. Throughout this time she oversaw multiple high-profile investigations and has documented them extensively through writing.

He has long served the university community. Over time he has provided mentorship for business students from business administration to engineering to theology to business theology students; was part of the Scholarship Task Force; currently serves on both Trustee and Campaign Steering committees and has been part of their Alumni Association for over two decades.

Achievement and Honors

He has held law enforcement positions focusing on counterfeiting, fraud, executive protection and physical security for the White House. Along with Linda (also an FBI Special Agent), he currently runs Tripwire Security Solutions as a consulting firm focused on risk analysis, crisis management and preparedness.

Both have been nominated for the Directors Guild of America Award for Best Feature Film (Hooper and Absence of Malice), respectively. Furthermore, they have co-directed and co-written various popular movies like Stay Hungry, Smokey and the Bandit II, Murphy’s Romance Steel Magnolias and Mrs. Doubtfire – which earned nominations.

Hooper currently serves on the Board of Trustees for Bluevale Collegiate School and Eastwood Collegiate in Annapolis, Maryland, as well as being founder and chairperson for American Film Institute’s Independent Spirit Awards Nominations Committee.

Personal Life

Steven Hooper is beloved actor in adult entertainment industry. He has appeared in movies, online series and magazines and enjoys an active social life with many close relationships.

He served as Adventure Trip Manager in the Outdoor Recreation department while at UofSC, giving him invaluable insight into what it takes to organize an effective event – as well as the value of creating a positive fan experience!

Hooper may fit the profile of an ISTJ (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking and Judging). This personality type tends to be practical and detail-oriented, valuing structure and tradition highly while being particularly protective of family and close friends; in unhealthy situations they can become dominant and aggressive.

Net Worth

As of November 9th 2015, Steve Hooper had completed two trades worth over $1,038,440 with BCOR, owning over 2,500 units total.

Hooper directed his biggest budget film yet with Salem’s Lot (1979), an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel with similar title. To meet broadcast standards, Hooper made necessary adaptations but managed to produce an unsettling tale nonetheless.

Hooper maintained his filmmaking career throughout the 1980s. Cannon Films gave him three movies: Lifeforce (1985), Invaders from Mars (1986) and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (a sequel to 1974 original). Hooper also steadily worked in television directing episodes for Taken science fiction series as well as Masters of Horror episodes; plus several movies released during 2000s.

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