Steven Hendrikse

Steven Hendrikse

Hendrikse has proven an asset as South Africa’s No 10; adding athleticism and soft skills to an attack that relies heavily on maul time work. Additionally, Hendrikse carries well and makes himself known off the ball.

After appearing briefly off the bench in Wales’ opening test against Ireland, he earned a starting slot against the Lions and demonstrated his superior goal-kicking and aggressive defence skills.

Early Life and Education

Steven is an English name which translates to “crown and wreath.” It has been used for both males and females since medieval times, being one of many variants of Stefan (pronounced /stefno/ ST-fano), the Latin version of Stephanos in Greek. Other variations of Steven include Stephens and Stephenson.

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Professional Career

Maryke Hendrikse is an established voice actress with more than two decades of experience working in the Entertainment Industry. She has featured prominently in various films and television series, voicing various characters. Most notably she can be heard as Sonata Dusk from My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks animation TV show.

Hendrikse makes a decent living from her voice acting work, having appeared in multiple popular movies and animated shows such as Black Lagoon, Johnny Test and Sausage Party.

Though she has enjoyed great success, the Bahamian-Canadian actress remains single and focused on her career. While she doesn’t share much about her family life with fans, she does love basketball – regularly posting photos of her watching games from Toronto Raptors games she attends!

Personal Life

Maryke Hendrikse is an avid sports fan who can often be found watching basketball tournaments during her free time. She’s particularly fond of following Toronto Raptors basketball team on social media.

Hendrikse is an all-round musician with an aptitude for picking up instruments quickly, whether that means guitar, bass, singing or writing songs himself. His band Fixxxman has performed multiple times acoustically.

Hendrikse is an award-winning Rotorua resident who gained prominence thanks to his meticulous attention to detail during a high-profile homicide case, where he identified an incriminating clue between criminal and victim. Now married, Hendrikse resides with his childhood sweetheart in Los Angeles.

Net Worth

South Africa’s thrilling series win against Wales was highlighted by the stunning rise of Damian Willemse and Jaden Hendrikse as they provided much-needed boost at 10 and No 9. Their efforts will provide South Africa with vital momentum when playing an opponent who relies heavily on physicality, midfield touches, and out wide finishes, and so will these pair be essential in unlocking it all.

Hendrikse enjoys an outstanding reputation at scrumhalf, but can learn much from Faf de Klerk and Cobus Reinach when it comes to tactical play. However, his kicking is exceptional while his mouth engages opponents with verbal sparring sessions. Furthermore, Hendrikse can serve as an invaluable first receiver who plays an essential part in any dynamic team attack.

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