Steven Hawthorne

The Story of Steven Hawthorne

Criminal justice advocates were impressed when Steven Hawthorne left Stateville Correctional Center in January 2017 as the ultimate story of redemption. He earned a certification to repair HVAC systems, volunteered at Bluhm Legal Clinic and managed a transitional housing facility for former prisoners.

Photographer by profession, he boasts an impressive social media following across multiple platforms and has worked with multiple celebrity clients.

Early Life and Education

Hawthorne shot and killed two people as a teenager; initially sentenced to life without parole by the Supreme Court; however, this ruling was overturned due to unconstitutionality for juveniles. After being released in 2017, he has begun helping other former prisoners navigate life after prison.

He worked to obtain his HVAC license, volunteering at Northwestern University’s Bluhm Legal Clinic where law students helped secure his early release from Stateville Correctional Center, and working with WayMakers (a mission and prayer mobilization ministry).

He confided to Richard Henry Stoddard that he felt an immense sense of responsibility in regards to his children’s works such as Tanglewood Tales, Grandfather’s Chair History and Biographical Stories for Children.

Professional Career

Steve Hawthorne graduated with Honors from Elon University’s Magna Cum Laude program with the goal of entering wealth management. Having founded two small businesses prior to entering this profession, he understands their specific financial requirements and objectives.

Criminal justice advocates heralded Steven Hawthorne’s release from Stateville Correctional Center in January as the ultimate example of redemption. Since his release, he has proven his determination by earning certifications in HVAC system repair, volunteering at various charities, and working to help former inmates reintegrate back into society.

According to the Chicago Tribune, he has also been actively engaged in community organizing and policy work. Additionally, he educates young people about the risks of street violence.

Achievement and Honors

Criminal justice advocates were filled with admiration when Steven Hawthorne finally left Stateville Correctional Center after 33 years, emerging as the embodiment of redemption. While in prison he earned a certificate to fix heating and cooling systems; volunteered at a charity that helps former inmates reintegrate back into society; and even worked closely with fellow prisoners.

Mr. Weigel writes books on Christian missionary work and works with WayMakers, a mission and prayer mobilization ministry. Additionally, he has served on the Ann Arbor Book Festival Board of Directors and founded 826michigan, an after-school writing program for children. Additionally he serves on multiple non-profit boards and has received multiple awards such as Helen B. Schleman Award for his efforts.

Personal Life

Steven Hawthorne was heralded as an inspiring tale of redemption when he left Stateville Correctional Center in January 2017 and emerged with a certificate in HVAC system maintenance from Bluhm Legal Clinic – where law students had worked to help secure his early release – along with becoming a big brother figure at a transitional housing facility for former prisoners, where his work was featured in an Omaha Tribune article.

Steve lives in Zionsville, Indiana with his wife and daughters. With two decades of coaching experience at multiple levels – five at high school level and multiple teams to conference titles – and currently being an Purdue summer camp coach and regional director for AVCA; Steve brings an abundance of expertise.

Net Worth

He is best-known for his stage acting and portrayal of Sir Humphrey Appleby on Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister television series, for which he won four BAFTA TV awards, bringing wider fame and opening doors for film roles.

He has also voiced a range of characters for Disney studios. In particular, he played Fflewddur Fflam from The Black Cauldron film and Professor Porter from Tarzan.

Douglas D. Hawthorne owns 6,289 shares of BOK Financial Corp worth $515,006 as of 2023-05-26 – see the complete insider trading report for more details.

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