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Deschutes County District Attorney Steve Gunnels will assume control of John Hummel’s former position without a fight. Hummel plans on running for Congress; Gunnels will serve as chief deputy DA under him.

Early Life and Education

Gunnels attended Redmond High School and Oregon State University before enrolling at Georgetown Law School. Since 1977 he has lived in Central Oregon and been dedicated to protecting its residents.

He is an advocate for children and families. Additionally, he believes strong communities require strong leaders. With decades of experience prosecuting some of the most serious crimes.

His efforts in courtroom have allowed for an over 50% decline in appealed cases, and are known for helping keep crime at a manageable level throughout Deschutes County. Furthermore, he works to bridge communication gaps between public and courts by breaking down communication barriers between them both.

Professional Career

Gunnels has served as a deputy district attorney for more than three decades and will run to replace John Hummel who will not seek another term as deputy DA. Patrick Flaherty and Mike Dugan, his fellow chief deputy DAs are endorsing him for election.

Aggies have always stood by him, helping guide and support his career – from John Heartsill ’40 and Noel Bryant ’75 offering him spring break jobs to cover the costs associated with purchasing his senior ring to Dick Piner ’50 offering him his first full-time engineering position in New Orleans.

He has worked on the Family Drug Court program, connecting individuals to addiction treatment services. Furthermore, he intends to bridge the gap between law enforcement and community members as he builds stronger ties within Deschutes County.

Achievement and Honors

This award recognizes a prosecutor for their distinguished career, dedication to justice and impeccable integrity and professionalism, while honoring those who have made significant contributions towards improving public safety and the administration of justice in Arizona.

Gunnels announced his candidacy for Deschutes County District Attorney after John Hummel decided not to run again in 2022. He enjoys support from former deputy DAs Mary Anderson and Patrick Flaherty as well as former colleagues of Hummel’s.

At Tech, he teaches in the Department of Design and Architecture where his courses focus on housing and interior design courses that encompass aspects of housing and furnishings design, residential design 1& 2, architecture graphics presentation techniques as well as two textbooks related to these topics.

Personal Life

Gunnels serves on the board of directors of a local non-profit and is an engaged member of his community. An avid hunter and fisherman, Gunnels is also an advocate for second amendment rights; serving for 20 years on his county’s Family Drug Court as an adjudicator.

Gunnels contends that the trial court made an error in its determination of his eligibility for jail-time credit; this error is recognized by both parties involved.

Gunnels fell from a ladder constructed in 1984 during a store remodeling project designed and overseen by Levy Architects Associates, Inc. under H.A. Lott as general contractor – although there was no indication either Lott or Gunnels knew about its awkward design which constitutes proof of gross negligence.

Net Worth

Gunnels’ wife Marilyn has been his greatest ally and companion throughout their 58 year relationship, living together in LaPlace, Louisiana; Whitehouse Texas; Dallas; TX and Corpus Christi before they settled permanently together and had one daughter Laura.

Gunnels has extensive professional experience in commercial and residential real estate as well as serving as manager of a large brokerage firm. His current estimated net worth stands at an estimated $1 Million.

Gunnels is an avid golfer. He has competed in multiple professional tournaments and placed second at the 2005 Texas State Amateur Championship. Additionally, he enjoys hunting and fishing; shooting game like quail, turkeys, deer in multiple states such as Nebraska, Kansas and Arkansas.

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