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Stronger Leaders Make a Better World

Steven Goodwin enjoys helping organizations and people grow. He strongly believes that stronger leaders lead to a brighter future for us all.

He has advised clients on all manner of employment matters, from advising management in avoiding and litigating wrongful termination and discrimination claims to providing advice regarding acquisition-related employment implications.

Early Life and Education

Steven Goodwin is an interdisciplinary artist working in toys, portraiture, abstraction, mixed media drawing, printmaking and sculpture. Identity, class and social psychology are reoccurring themes in his art while his artistic practice can often be time and labor intensive.

He was an active participant in his community, participating in various local groups. In his free time he would spend it with friends and family; playing bass guitar, acoustic guitar or even the didgeridoo were his passions.

He was a Christian conservative who always did his part, dedicating many hours of service to veterans through the VA and Roanoke Valley Veterans Council. Additionally, he enjoyed mountain climbing and backpacking – activities which allowed him to reconnect with nature. Above all else, though, he greatly valued family relationships, doing anything they asked of him for them.

Professional Career

Steven Goodwin has long been active in the Linux, Free Software, and Open Source communities and development environments. He has written many articles for Linux Magazine as well as giving talks at FOSDEM.

He is highly-sought-after for his expertise in providing advice to companies on all manner of tax matters, from purchase and sale agreements, funded irrevocable life insurance trusts, charitable remainder vehicles and similar split interest vehicles – to estate and wealth management matters. His clients rely on him for advice when dealing with estate and wealth issues.

Goodwin decided to turn his M.A in Literature into a profession by turning to writing. Since then, he has published short stories, essays, and novels across magazines and newspapers – winning critical acclaim and awards such as a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship award for his efforts.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Goodwin enjoys helping clients realize their dreams. Since 1994, he has worked in the games industry, from Windows programming roles through lead and management positions on console platforms such as PS2, GameCube, and Xbox. Since then, he has developed and published multiple boxed and online/mobile titles like Grand Prix Manager, Die Hard Vendetta Project Gotham Racing on console as well as Restaurant City on Facebook.

Professor Goodwin’s constitutional law scholarship can be found in esteemed legal journals like Harvard, Yale and University of Chicago Law Review. She has served as counsel on high-profile cases before both the US Supreme Court and federal appellate courts; featured prominently in national media outlets; led one of the largest school districts in America through desegregation efforts as well as equity and inclusion initiatives; she has even become an adviser on these efforts at one school district!

Personal Life

Steven Goodwin is an active member of his community. He serves as an usher at church and participates in numerous school-based activities and programs. Steven loves spending time with his family outdoors.

He has long appreciated music and piano playing. Unfortunately, nine years ago he was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, and suddenly the compositions that used to flow easily through his fingers became less enthralling and started faltering.

He has teamed up with Naomi LaViolette, a musician, to record his songs before they slip from memory. They hope to release an album before his passing to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research as well as preserve nature and music that gives him life.

Net Worth

The family’s estimated net worth exceeds $2.5 billion, consisting primarily of real estate assets and privately-held ethyl company NewMarket Corp.

This couple has generously contributed much of their wealth to cancer research and other causes. Furthermore, they’ve established various charitable trusts dedicated to children’s programs, education, and the arts.

Steve serves as regulatory counsel to clients in the fields of food, drug and medical device law. His areas of specialty include entrepreneurs with substantial and complex business interests who require legal guidance in regards to specific issues surrounding Hatch-Waxman patent listings or exclusivities issues; laboratory developed tests; digital health developers as well as others. A former FDA regulatory counsel, Steve has extensive experience handling matters pertaining to premarket review/classification/regulation development/legislation enforcement matters among others.

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