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John Butterworth and Steve Gaziano Talk About Going Fishing in the Back Bay

John Butterworth and Steve Gaziano began discussing summer plans while eating fried clams; they discussed taking Travis Roy fishing.

Gaziano & Girling’s factory lies on a quiet street on the outskirts of Kettering and appears cramped – the operations could easily spill onto the street if they continue.

Early Life and Education

Last May, John Butterworth and Steve Gaziano met over fried clams at a Back Bay restaurant to catch up. Both men are hockey enthusiasts who never forgot Travis Roy; it was no secret between them that John remembered what had transpired with Travis Roy from childhood until now.

Gaziano stands 6-foot-4 and 230 pounds – both characteristics that coaches prefer in the trenches – and has the build for adding 20-30 more pounds for effective defensive end play.

On nearly all recruiting websites, he was listed as a three-star recruit. While this could be seen as disrespectful towards Massachusetts high school football or cause for alarm, make no mistake: He’s got talent.

Professional Career

Gaziano currently works as a relationship manager at Morgan Stanley and specializes in captive insurance, providing high-touch service to both onshore and offshore captive insurance clients. He has held this position for 16 years.

He specializes in bloodstain pattern analysis and crime scene investigation, with particular attention paid to reconstructive aspects. With over 27 years of law enforcement experience and serving as Fremont Police Department’s Crime Scene Unit Sergeant for 6 years.

John Butterworth and Steve Gaziano had just met over lunch in Boston’s Back Bay when they began discussing what their plans for this summer would be. Both are avid hockey players and one group that never forgets Travis Roy: them.

Achievement and Honors

Lowy, Gaziano and Budd’s nominations must be approved by the governor’s council; an expected hearing is scheduled for Wednesday to consider their nominations. Once confirmed, they would assume their seats on the Superior Court bench next year.

Camden’s Riley Parmenter and Oxford Hills’ David Dingley won defense, while Deering’s Raffaele Salamone and Westbrook’s Dylan Wike came in third for offense. Winners received a $5,000 scholarship, trophy, and Gaziano jacket.

These awards honor retired Judge Frank J. Gaziano, who served as assistant district attorney and prosecutor on an Organized Crime Strike Force. A graduate of Holy Cross, he fought in World War II before turning his attention to boxing during Olympic trials competitions.

Personal Life

Gaziano stands out not only as one of Massachusetts’s premier recruits but also an outstanding athlete. While at Xaverian Brothers High School he won both a state title and earned ESPNBoston’s Mr. Football award.

Gaziano stands 6’4″ and weighs 230 lbs; as a high school defensive end he needs to hit the weight room hard if he hopes to continue playing defense at an advanced level.

Before they can sit on the bench, however, their nominations must first be approved by the governor’s council and may take place as early as this week. Should that occur, it will mark a first in which two non-judiciary candidates from one party were nominated by a governor for membership in SJC (three seats are currently open on that panel).

Net Worth

Gaziano arrived at Tyco in 1973 to find it “sick.” His efforts began by transitioning it away from being a high-technology research corporation to being more of a product manufacturer, and by purchasing significantly larger companies. Since it would be easier for him to turn them around if acquired early enough.

Tyco’s 1974 solar energy venture with Mobil Oil cemented Tyco’s place as an accepted member of society, according to Wilson. By 1979, they paid $22 million for Simplex Wire Cable Company to produce underwater cable. Wilson expanded sales fourfold while tripling earnings through commercial contracts.

Baker nominated three legal veterans — Budd from Harvard Law, Gaziano from Suffolk Law and Lowy from Boston University — with nearly one century of legal experience between them.

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