Steven Franklin

Musician and Composer Steven Franklin Passes Away

Steven Franklin passed away peacefully surrounded by family at Capital Caring Health Halquist Hospice in Arlington, Virginia. He will be fondly remembered by friends and colleagues alike for his contribution to cultural projects in Virginia.

Franklin discovers while investigating a body in Medlab that one of its passengers was an actual living telepath. She promptly faints after speaking to G’Kar, prompting Franklin to bring her to his quarters as soon as he can.

Early Life and Education

Steven Franklin spent much of his childhood immersed in music and family gatherings, constantly getting into mischief or making people laugh with his sense of humor and ability to make others laugh.

After serving on Babylon 5 as Chief Medical Officer and succeeding Benjamin Kyle as its Captain, Franklin later took on the responsibility of leading Xenobiological Research at Earth Dome. A respected expert in alien biology, Franklin has studied everything from Starfury snakes to Gorkonian warthogs – in other words he knows everything there is about alien life forms!

As well as playing, his interests also include composing. He has been commissioned to compose chamber music for musicians from both the American Brass Quintet and Lake Placid Sinfonietta, making them laugh via social media posts that make people smile. Furthermore, he enjoys making friends laugh with social media jokes of his own creation – something that his Clemson Tigers don’t disappoint with either!

Professional Career

Stephen Franklin is an award-winning trumpet player, having taken top prizes at international and nationwide competitions. Additionally, he composes music and has performed as soloist with multiple orchestras. Franklin was also a guest instructor at Curtis Institute of Music where he taught various subjects including anatomy and functional morphology; often beginning his classes by assuring students that even though he hails from Canada he’s spoken German longer than them!

After graduating medical school, Franklin began hitchhiking aboard starships as a doctor to study various alien species. He eventually settled down on Babylon 5 as head of Xenobiological Research before taking an extended leave when plague struck Earth.

Achievement and Honors

Franklin holds numerous academic distinctions to his credit, such as being awarded with the Benjamin Franklin Medal, Bower Award and an Elisha D. Clark Foundation Grant. Furthermore, he has written three seminal books on Remote Sensing as well as over 125 peer reviewed publications.

He enjoys many hobbies, such as metal fabrication and artifact hunting, in his free time. Additionally, he likes spending time with family and friends; baseball is another of his favorites, while he has participated in local cross-country running circuit.

As Director of Trent University’s Facilities Services during his time there, he oversaw the creation of numerous new buildings including Trent Community Sport and Recreation Centre, Justin Chiu Stadium and Bagnani Hall which commemorated Gilbert and Stewart Bagnani.

Personal Life

Franklin not only plays trumpet but is also an accomplished composer. His compositions have been commissioned by Lake Placid Sinfonietta, American Brass Quintet and musicians from New York Philharmonic and Boston Symphony. According to Philadelphia Inquirer his post-romantic style “leans heavily toward Richard Strauss’ abiding tonal sensibilities”.

Franklin is also an enthusiastic volunteer for Boys & Girls Baseball of Erie. In fact, he filled the stage at their annual banquet event and gave each child attending their prize for attending.

He loves nothing better than relaxing with a glass of scotch and fresh-baked blueberry muffin, while cheering for his beloved Clemson Tigers. Currently residing in Lenexa, Kansas with Naomi by his side.

Net Worth

Steven Franklin is widely respected for his expertise in launching substantial funds that invest both domestically and abroad, offering advice on all aspects of fund formation.

He co-authored two major business textbooks which have been adopted in hundreds of college courses worldwide and provided thousands of students with essential insights into business success principles. Furthermore, he frequently presented at corporate audiences both domestically and overseas.

Despite his loss, he managed to purchase an impressive home in Hollywood Hills that he now shares with his wife. It had once been a rental owned by Trent Reznor during his recording sessions for Nine Inch Nails album.

He recently purchased another plot of land and plans to construct a mansion there, estimated to have an estimated net worth of approximately $2 Million.

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