Steven Doloff

Steven Doloff – UFCT 1460 VP-Level at Pratt Institute

Steven Doloff serves as Vice President for Pratt Institute’s United Federation of Clan Trade Union 1460 Local Union. Established in 1887 and located in Brooklyn, New York.

Doloff challenges his students to write an essay wherein they imagine themselves as the opposite gender for an entire day, observing that female students tend to begin writing right away while male students hold off until halfway through class before starting to write theirs.

Early Life and Education

Steven Doloff was born and raised in Peru, Ohio with his parents. He attended the University of Michigan before earning a PhD from State University of New York at Buffalo in History. Steven taught history for over three decades at Pratt Institute before retiring in 2010.

He has written numerous essays about culture and education that have been featured in various magazines and journals, currently living in New York City.

Doloff describes in his essay, “The Opposite Sex,” the disparity in approaches taken by male and female students to an assignment to write about being of opposite sex for one day. While female students took it very seriously and enthusiastically, males appeared paralyzed by attempts to imagine themselves as women.

Professional Career

Doloff was a versatile multi-trade contractor, operating both as a marine contractor and industrial electrician. In his free time he enjoyed boating and sailing; other hobbies included automobile racing and working on his Saab cars; in addition to writing numerous articles published in various newspapers and magazines.

Dolloff recently won a New York Emmy award for his work on Theater Talk. This program featured an anniversary episode, featuring interviews with notable guests like actors Danielle Brookes, Cynthia Erivo, Jennifer Hudson, Jeff Daniels; directors John Doyle and Ivo van Hove; as well as critic Ben Brantley of The New York Times.

Professor Doloff of Pratt Institute is an eminent academic who teaches in the Department of Humanities and Media Studies, while he also excels as an essayist, having published multiple pieces pertaining to culture and education.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Doloff is a Vice-President-Level employee of Pratt Institute, an Education company established in 1887. Additionally, he writes essays about culture and education for various publications and recently published “The Opposite Sex”, in which his students are assigned the task of writing about being someone of another gender for a day – female students often approach this assignment creatively while males struggle.

“If I Loved You and the Return of the Iceman” from Theater Talk was awarded with a New York Emmy Award. Michael Riedel joined Susan Haskins and Michael Riedel as co-hosts on long-running show as cast members; inductee into Silver Circle New York Chapter Television Academy.

Personal Life

Steven Doloff resides in Peru with his wife and children. He has five grandchildren – Keira Knight, Zoe Dolloff, Harper Knight and Caleb Dolloff as well as two great granddaughters: Jaiden Overton and Fox Overton – five great granddaughters plus various nieces and nephews.

Doloff has published numerous articles on culture and education for publications including The New York Times and Chronicle of Higher Education. Furthermore, he works as vice president for Pratt Institute founded in 1887 UFCT 1460 union.

Doloff recounts in his essay, titled “The Opposite Sex,” how he gave his students the assignment to switch identities for one day and be their opposite sex for 24 hours. Female students found this activity especially engaging while male students experienced difficulties envisioning themselves in male clothing.

Net Worth

When people hear “net worth”, they often envision large Fortune 500 companies or celebrities. But there are also individuals, like Linda Moulton Howe, with net worths in the millions – she stands out among them with an estimated estimated net worth of $550 Million!

She is an award-winning journalist known for her documentaries and articles covering scientific subjects, including cattle mutilations and UFO sightings.

As of 23 February 2017, Mitchell Dolloff owned 70,866 units of Leggett & Platt Inc common stock and made two trades since 2017, one being exercising 20,000 units worth $419,400 on that date. Furthermore, Dolloff sold shares over the last seven years.

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