Steven Burkhardt

Steven Burkhardt

Steven Burkhardt has served as lead studio host of FOX Sports’ Major League Baseball telecasts since 2014 and also serves as play-by-play announcer for NFL on Fox games.

Rob Bryan realized his Gloucester High School football team required something extra to ignite its play on the field.

The Lions were coming off an unsuccessful season in 2021 and were sitting near the bottom of Central Jersey Group 1. It was time for change.

Early Life and Education

Steven Burkhardt is an American sportscaster. He serves as both lead play-by-play broadcaster for NFL on Fox and studio host for Fox’s MLB coverage, while also acting as main reporter on SportsNet New York (SNY) New York Mets broadcasts, including both spring training games and regular season matches.

As a child, Burkhardt spent much of his time playing football, basketball and baseball with friends; but it was his father who taught him the value of hard work and an enduring work ethic.

After working at both a car dealership and local radio, he eventually discovered his calling as a sportscaster. Beginning as a field reporter for SNY during New York Mets television broadcasts before transitioning into full-time New York Jets reporter roles.

Professional Career

Steven Burkhardt can hear his father calling out from the stands when he’s making long touchdown runs for Gloucester City High School, reminding him how fast his dad was when competing at similar high school levels of football, baseball and track more than two decades earlier.

Burkhardt has earned much renown as a SportsNet New York (SNY) reporter covering Mets broadcasts and sports news programs such as “Mets Hot Stove.” Additionally, he regularly calls select Spring Training and regular season games on Fox Sports as well as providing studio coverage for FOX NFL coverage.

Burkhardt earned first team All-Midwest Region recognition as a three-year starter, twice being named Big Ten Player of the Week and boasting 55 bases stolen out of 68 attempts as a senior.

Achievement and Honors

Burkhardt gained prominence as a field reporter for SportsNet New York (SNY) during New York Mets television broadcasts from 2007-2014, then as studio host on Fox MLB telecasts since then.

An integral component of Gloucester’s impressive start to this season’s offense has been Burkhardt’s performance; she averages 11.8 yards per carry and already has six touchdowns after only two games! On Friday alone, Burkhardt ran for 272 yards and three scores against Bordentown that tied their single game scoring record!

He’s an athlete in three sports who’s also been working out every day for more than a year to transform his body, hoping to break his father’s 400m track record this summer.

Personal Life

Steven Burkhardt has been exercising regularly for over a year, participating in three-sport athleticism – football, baseball and basketball. Additionally, he works full-time as a physical therapist in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Rob Bryan wanted to inject some life into Gloucester High School’s offense during 2021-22, so he used Burkhardt as running back – and it worked beautifully; they rushed for 2,034 yards and 33 touchdowns for second most in New Jersey – an astounding accomplishment for any high school team.

Burkhardt broke his father’s 400-meter record during a dual meet, but wants to break 50 seconds this summer and set himself as state leader in this event. Furthermore, his eyes are set on college as he pursues broadcast journalism at William Paterson University of New Jersey.

Net Worth

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