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Motivational Speaker – Steven Bollar

Steve Bollar is a former superintendent and principal who now advises schools and organizations on ways to create an improved culture and climate through creative rewards and encouragement. Additionally, he speaks on leadership and motivation.

He has 23 years of experience working within the education system as an art teacher, principal, and superintendent. Additionally, he authored both Stand Tall Leadership and Ideas, Ideas, Ideas.

Early Life and Education

Steven Bollar is widely respected in New Jersey education as an author, leader, educator and Board Director. Known as Stand Tall Steve, he holds numerous positions within education from art teacher, principal to Superintendent.

He has assisted schools and organizations to build better cultures through creative rewards and encouragement, while his book Ideas, Ideas, Ideas has provided hundreds of organizations with ways to raise morale and lighten the mood.

As a speaker, Bollar provides students and staff with skills they need to form strong relationships, communicate effectively and take control of their own learning. His quick wit and creative approaches enable them to build an educational environment they thrive within.

Professional Career

Steven Bollar is an expert motivational speaker, helping forward-thinking organizations generate innovative new ideas, enhance culture and develop leadership capabilities. His quick wit, extensive experience and extensive knowledge make him one of the premier motivational speakers and trainers available today.

Starting as principal at Hartford School in Mount Laurel, where he transformed it into an engaging learning environment. Later he joined Joseph A. McGinley Elementary School in Willingboro where he helped transform it into an innovative learning community while implementing numerous student centric programs.

Today, he serves as Senior Vice President of Elementary Education for CSMI LLC, managing charter schools in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Additionally, he sits on the board of New Jersey Principals & Supervisors Association.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Bollar (often known by his nickname ‘Stand Tall Steve”) is an educational thought leader, former superintendent of schools, principal, author and school culture & motivation specialist known for his quick wit, innovative thinking and humorous personality. He wrote two books entitled Stand Tall Leadership and Ideas, Ideas, Ideas! which detail these aspects.

In 2014 he received the Burlington County Principals and Supervisors Association Visionary Leadership Award. Additionally he is honored as an inductee into Jostens Renaissance Hall of Fame as well as selected as one of South Jersey Magazine’s Top 20 Men of the Year.

He is passionate about helping schools, associations and organizations develop an enhanced culture and climate with creative rewards and encouragement. Through keynotes, breakout sessions and workshops he trains administration, teachers, staff and management on how they can make their organization thrive.

Personal Life

Steve Bollar is an engaging keynote speaker known for his quick wit and creative thinking. A former superintendent, principal and school culture and motivation expert, Steve offers ideas that can benefit any classroom and school.

Steven has written numerous books throughout his career, such as Stand Tall Leadership and Ideas, Ideas, Ideas. Additionally, he contributed to Because of a Teacher as one of its contributing authors. Steven’s motivation lies in helping schools, associations and organizations foster an ideal culture and climate for both staff and students through creative rewards and encouragement strategies.

Steven is currently serving as Assistant Superintendent for Hamilton Township Public Schools in Mercer County, NJ. Previously he was principal at Hartford School in Mount Laurel where he fostered an empowering learning institution and implemented student focused programs such as Mission Possible, Reading Train, Academic Rallies, and Heritage Night.

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