Steven Bixby

Steven Bixby

Steven Bixby was driven by his convictions, leading him to kill two law enforcement officers in December 2003.

This incident happened at his parents’ home in Abbeville, South Carolina and remains marked from an intensive 12-hour armed standoff between him and law enforcement officials.

Early Life and Education

Steven Bixby and his father Arthur were outraged that state transportation officials were using their land to expand Interstate 72, believing it would take away part of their front yard. When Deputy Wilson visited to mediate their dispute, young Steven shot and subdued him on his front porch before taking him into their house and handcuffing him.

An intense 12-hour standoff between police and Bixby family ensued, culminating in gunfire exchanged between both parties that left their home riddled with bullet holes. Steven Bixby was eventually found guilty and sentenced to death. As his appeals process has concluded and no longer can he change this decision, his sentence stands as one of South Carolina’s deadliest shootouts remains an ever-present reminder.

Professional Career

Bixby won a Los Angeles Drama Critics Award for his designs on Broadway musical Sayonara and two Emmy Awards for All My Children and One Life to Live, among several others. Additionally he designed for several Off Broadway plays and touring companies.

In December 2003, the Bixbys are accused of shooting and killing Abbeville police officers Danny Wilson and Donnie Ouzts during a 12-hour standoff when they attempted to prevent South Carolina Department of Transportation from widening Highway 72 one foot onto their property. Their extreme views regarding property rights became widely publicised.

Trials were delayed multiple times before finally, a judge ruled that Steven Bixby’s letters “can only be seen as evidence of his guilt as an accomplice to Officer Wilson and Ouzts’ murders,” thus finalizing all appeals in this case.

Achievement and Honors

Bixby was found guilty of killing two law enforcement officers in 2003 after becoming angry over the state acquiring land near his parents’ home for a road project. He stockpiled shotguns at their house and informed an old flame that he was prepared for a fight. Bixby was sentenced to death row in Abbeville.

In 2020, Samsung honored Big Sky Weather creator Steven Arkonovich and Spotify as Galaxy Store developers of the year and Bixby capsule of the year at an awards event honoring software available across various devices. Notably, these awards disproved speculation that Samsung had planned on dismantling Bixby – in fact they made changes so Bixby ran more discreetly on Galaxy smartphones while improving its interface.

Personal Life

Steven Bixby shot Abbeville County Sheriff’s Sgt. Danny Wilson and Constable Donnie Ouzts during a land dispute. Both Arthur Bixby (with dementia) and Rita Bixby were charged with capital murder but could not face trial due to being found incompetent to stand trial; thus leaving Steven on death row; Rita ultimately passed away while still imprisoned. Arthur remains on death row while Rita Bixby died behind bars.

Although police tried to persuade the Bixbys, they would not surrender. Their arsenal included powerful weapons such as one so powerful it might penetrate their fortified tank and tear through.

Net Worth

Bill Bixby was an esteemed American actor, director, and producer. At his death in 1993 he had amassed an estimated net worth of $10 Million. Bixby made appearances in numerous television series such as Joey Bishop Show, Magician and My Favorite Martian.

Steven Bixby was found guilty in 2007 for murdering Abbeville County sheriff’s deputy Danny Wilson and State Constable Donnie Ouzts over an argument concerning road widening near their home. Rita Bixby and Arthur Bixby, Rita’s parents, also stood trial and were convicted.

The Bixby family are currently appealing their convictions. According to a spokesman from the state attorney general’s office, he couldn’t predict when appeals may begin and conclude. They currently live in North Haverhill, New Hampshire as they were unable to relocate due to South Carolina laws regarding extraditions.

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