Steven Banes

How Much Does Steven Banes Earn?

Steven Banes is a practicing physician located in Woodbridge, Virginia. He currently serves on both the Operating Room Committee and ENT Section Chief for Potomac Hospital/Sentara Northern VA Medical Center.

Craig Yoe, Clizia Gussoni and Steve Banes’ achievement of editing IDW’s Chilling Archives of Horror Comic Books for IDW Publishing was truly astonishing. This book stands as testament to their hard work.

Early Life and Education

Steven Banes is an Army veteran who completed two combat tours. After leaving service, he immediately went back to school and earned a bachelor’s degree in history and communication studies from Sam Houston State University – as well as volunteering to foster children.

He worked in Oakland Unified School District and Stanford University under Lee Shulman as part of a research project, collaborating with teachers to devise alternative teacher assessments, including teaching portfolios.

He currently holds the post of CEO at Cabot Learning Federation, a multi-academy trust based in Bristol, England. Additionally, he participates in various networks and strategic groups both regionally and nationally as well as being trained as lead inspector for Ofsted.

Professional Career

Steven Banes has worked as editor for IDW’s Chilling Archives of Horror Comic Books, such as ZOMBIES, RETURN OF THE ZOMBIES, DEVIL TALES and MUMMIES. Additionally, he has written for Marvel Comics and provided consulting on many independent films. Steven currently sits on Orphan Care Solutions of Texas Board and Montgomery County Child Welfare/CPS Boards Vice-President Boards as a board member and Vice-President respectively.

In 2008, he qualified for his inaugural ATP World Tour event and reached the second round in Futures events, while teaming with Marc Lopez he reached multiple tournaments’ second rounds as doubles partners. At year’s end he finished 1274th on the ATP World Rankings; also serving on SR Technics Board of Directors; member of American Academy of Pediatrics as well as Fellow of American Association for Advancement of Science.

Achievement and Honors

Banes has earned recognition as a pioneer of dance history through her research, earning awards from both Congress on Research in Dance and Society of Dance History Scholars. Her 1980 dissertation Democracy’s Body: Judson Dance Theater 1962-1964 was reprinted in 1993 and remains an invaluable reference point for younger scholars studying performance studies. Through naming and framing new forms, she has played an essential part in shaping Terpsichore movement’s development.

Banes scored 23 points (6-17 FG, 1-5 3Pt and 5-6 FT), five rebounds, and one assist across 37 minutes during Tuesday’s 125-85 loss against the Lakers in Game 6 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals. Banes was injured but is expected to return for further play.

Personal Life

Banes began her writing career with the Chicago Reader as an arts critic, initially handling theater and restaurant reviews. But she found theatre too uncomfortable, convincing her editor that dance critiques would better suit her needs.

She made her mark both on Broadway and television, including playing Eve McBain – mother to Michael Easton’s John and Nathaniel Marston’s Michael – on OLTL, as well as making appearances in movies like The Hotel New Hampshire and Cocktail.

Banes is currently dating Desmond Bane, an NBA player for Memphis Grizzlies. Their relationship remains private but both seem content in it; they share one son together and have been together for several years now.

Net Worth

Steve Banes may not know his net worth after being banned permanently from YouTube due to an intentionally provocative video prank he created, yet still enjoys many fans despite this development. It seems likely though given that his video didn’t contain any offensive language – unlike some videos banned for similar pranks which may contain hate speech; Banes has expanded onto other platforms such as Instagram. Furthermore, Boston Celtics originally selected him in the first round of their 2020 NBA draft before trading him later for future draft picks with Memphis Grizzlies later traded by Boston for future draft picks from Boston Celtics drafted him in 2020 NBA draft by Boston Celtics then traded again by Memphis Grizzlies for future draft picks from them in exchange.

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