Steven Baldridge

Steven Baldridge – Small Business Person of the Year for Hawaii

Steven Baldridge works at BASE Structural Engineering of Hawaii, a structural consulting firm that specializes in high seismic and hurricane risk projects. In 2010, Steven was honored by being named Small Business Person of the Year for Hawaii by U.S. Small Business Administration during a national competition.

Public records reveal that Steve Baldridge reportedly earns a monthly income of $150k and can count Box Car Wiley among his relatives.

Early Life and Education

Dr. Steven Baldridge is a Professor of Social Work at Mary Hardin-Baylor and has research and teaching interests related to homelessness, environmental justice, higher education and teaching pedagogy. Additionally, he holds a Texas license as a Master Social Worker.

Drew Baldridge, a Nashville-based singer/songwriter signed to Sony Music Publishing, joins Brendan to talk about his early love of performing which began at wedding dance floors at 5 and 6 years old, his transition into talent show performances dressed up like Elvis, Michael Jackson or Danny Zuko from Grease, and why family has played such an integral part of his career path.

He shares stories about his years spent performing cover music on Lower Broadway and what led him to writing original material. Click above to listen or subscribe!

Professional Career

Drew shares how his childhood experiences dancing at weddings and family reunions led him down the path toward Country Music as a career. Additionally, he discusses some of the challenges encountered on his journey thus far and how Grandpa’s support has helped him navigate his way.

Steve is the President of BASE, an internationally acclaimed structural engineering firm known for their creative and practical approaches to buildings in areas with high earthquake and hurricane risks worldwide. Additionally, he actively participates in civic and professional organizations while taking an interest in cutting edge technologies, as well as showing concern and leading on all aspects of design and construction industry.

Dr. Baldridge’s research and practice areas include homelessness, environmental justice, higher education, community development and teaching pedagogy. He holds a license as Master Social Worker with the State of Texas.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Baldridge was honored by Hawaii Society of Professional Engineers with 2021 Engineer of the Year honors. As founder and President of BASE Consulting – a structural engineering consulting firm which specializes in protective designs including antiterrorism/force protection – BASE also created new engineering technologies designed to lessen effects from natural and man-made disasters such as terrorist attacks.

He has published numerous articles in leading scientific journals, and has become an accomplished teacher having won top teaching awards at Arizona State University and received the Zebulon Pearce Distinguished Teaching Award. Additionally, his primary areas of interest are homelessness, higher education, social work and teaching pedagogy.

Steve and Hollie have two sons, Hobson and Penn, as well as twin daughters Izzie and Andie. Currently they reside in Belton, Texas.

Personal Life

Steven Baldridge is the president of a structural engineering firm where he works alongside his wife and three children. Since 1995, his firm specializes in designing buildings with more efficient designs from both a cost and environmental viewpoint.

Drew describes how his Grandpa’s passion for music inspired him, and describes how as a 5 or 6-year-old, he first found joy performing on wedding dance floors as part of wedding receptions. Additionally, he recounts an event which profoundly changed his life; one which caused music to become something which could generate income for himself.

He discusses how songwriting helped him establish himself after coming to Nashville, as well as the time spent on The Voice and what lies ahead on his country music journey.

Net Worth

Director Baldridge is a resident of Winchester and has served as a first responder since high school. Additionally, he sits on the Adams County Commissioner Board as an elected member, participates in 4-H and FFA activities, and advocates on the House Agriculture Committee to advocate for programs supporting agriculture industries.

His estimated net worth ranges between $100K-$1M dollars; this fortune has been built through various streams of income such as his career in Journalism.

At a young age he began investing in stocks. Today he owns 24,398 units of Viasat stock worth over $10.047,000. Since 1999 he has been trading stocks.

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