Steve Tate

Steve Tate – The Man Behind Morgan Hill’s Best Commercial Plumbing

After Jason purchased half of Steve Tate & Son Plumbing from his father in 2013, he began expanding its services and opening new locations for Steve Tate & Son Plumbing to serve customers more quickly. By 2014 he had purchased another building to expand commercial plumbing tasks into their portfolio.

He feels deeply bonded to his community and, through his firm, sponsors many youth teams and provides financial assistance for medical bills.

Early Life and Education

Steve took great delight in art classes in school and believed it could transform people’s lives. Additionally, creative subjects allowed us to develop our imaginations and come up with new ways of making the world a better place. In his free time he enjoyed supporting Tottenham Hotspur football club.

He holds a Master’s of Education and is currently working towards his Doctorate of Curriculum and Instruction degree. He has taught special education, gifted education, elementary school as well as teacher training/technology coordinator roles within Spotsylvania Schools for nearly 30 years; Courtland High School graduate.

He currently oversees Tate Theatrics, a full service theatrical production company. Under his supervision have been regional, Broadway and Off-Broadway productions as well as shows seen across London. Furthermore, his consulting has assisted artists and activists from 21 different nations on six continents to use art to effect positive social change through art-based activism.

Professional Career

Tate served in various capacities within city government during his time, such as contributing to various public building projects like the Outdoor Sports Center and Centennial Recreation Center. Additionally, he participated on the General Plan Update Advisory Committee which eventually produced a Downtown Specific Plan which has made Morgan Hill an attractive place to live, work, and play.

Tate remains active in his community; together with Savanna he runs the Hayes Tough Foundation to assist families battling pediatric cancer by raising money and awareness of this illness.

Tate is an avid supporter of the Green Bay Packers and an active participant in Pro Football’s Ultimate Fan Association. He frequently hosts fellow members at Lambeau Field for games; taking great pride in acting as an official representative for them. Tate notes he doesn’t take his role as Packer ambassador lightly.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Tate brings real world experience into the classroom to help students better comprehend and comprehend material taught by teachers alone. He has proven an invaluable addition to Ravenwood High School’s business and economic courses.

Former Utah football safety, Mark Hayes, gained widespread notoriety following the passing of his young son Hayes from brain cancer in 2016. As a result, Mark and his wife established the Hayes Tough Foundation.

His career includes commercial and nonprofit regional theatre productions, such as his role as Judas Iscariot in the Broadway transfer of Jesus Christ Superstar. Tate Theatrics is also an established full service theatrical producing office; with production credits including Green Eyes, Here Today Onward & The Four.

Personal Life

Steve Tate holds an immense appreciation for those in his life. Through personal narratives that reflect universal experiences like fear, failure, courage and love he will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted. His stories will leave you feeling encouraged.

Former University of Utah football player Hayes Tough became nationally renowned after experiencing his family’s grief after the tragic loss of their young son Hayes. This experience inspired him and his wife to form the Hayes Tough Foundation to honor and remember Hayes.

People who know Tate best, including many councilmembers, praise his ability to listen carefully to all parties involved and make decisions in the best interests of Morgan Hill. Furthermore, they believe he epitomizes its distinctive spirit.

Net Worth

Though she was kicked off of reality television shows, martial artist Ayesha Manji has amassed an immense following online. Through social media posts, podcast episodes, and other ventures, her presence brings in millions of dollars annually.

Tate is an investor and entrepreneur. Reportedly worth $355 Million due to various business ventures, he co-owns several Romanian casinos as well as owns shares in Real Xtreme Fighting. Additionally he runs Hustlers University and War Room platforms where people learn how to make money online.

Tate owns multiple luxury cars that he often features in his YouTube vlogs. He owns a home worth over $7 million in Bucharest and has made numerous stock trades. Additionally, Tate recently purchased a Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport; Tristan also makes a living as an online personality and martial artist.

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