Steve Sundram

The Artistry of Steve Sundram

Steve Sundram’s artistic talents were evident even before he could hold a pencil. In 1979 he left Australia in order to explore various wildlife creatures, marine environments, cultures and civilizations around the globe – drawing and painting all along the way.

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Early Life and Education

Steve Sundaram was blessed with an innate artistic gift and began showing incredible talent as soon as he could pick up a pencil. Now internationally recognized for his visionary environmental imagery which has been licensed worldwide and featured on many gift and stationary products, Steve’s incredible drawings continue to capture people’s imaginations around the world.

Sundaram moved to Hawaii in 1990 in pursuit of his longstanding dream to explore its culture, people and landscape. Since then, his original paintings have been shown at numerous exhibitions; one such large scale mural scale dolphin painting even graces the lobby of Ulalena–an award winning Hawaiian-themed stage spectacular!

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Professional Career

Steve Sundram is widely celebrated for his breathtaking environmental imagery featured on various gift and stationary products as well as unique puzzles.

In 1979, Steve set off from Australia with the intention of encountering as many different wildlife animals and ocean life forms as possible, travelling across the globe while drawing and painting along his travels.

Since 1990, Hawaii has become his home and he has gone on to develop an outstanding career as an internationally acclaimed artist.

His work evokes nostalgia as it explores tall ships, sea legends and early century landscapes. Twelve mural-scale paintings that took a year to create now grace the lobby of Ulalena: Hawaiian Themed Stage Show Special as part of Steve’s prize-winning Hawaiian-themed stage spectacular! Steve’s art has become the heart of Ulalena!

Achievement and Honors

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Steve Sundram’s charming landscape paintings possess an Old World aesthetic, featuring tall ships and legends of the high seas. His art has been licensed for gift and stationary products worldwide and 12 mural scale paintings can be found adorning the lobby at Hawaii’s Hilton Waikoloa Resort.

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Personal Life

Steve Sundram quickly demonstrated an astounding artistic talent from an early age, quickly evolving into an internationally acclaimed artist with an established licensing business featuring his expressive, nature-inspired art on numerous gift and stationary products.

His work draws from his personal and professional experiences and incorporates themes of memory, history and identity. His multidisciplinary practice challenged art boundaries while making an impressionful mark on India’s contemporary scene, according to his peers.

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Net Worth

Steven A Raymund earned a total compensation of $312,431 as an Independent Director at Jabil Inc since 2003 according to Form 4 documents filed with the SEC. He made more than 63 trades of Jabil Inc stock since that date.

The company provides manufacturing solutions and provides services including design and engineering, technology management, supply chain expertise and global product management for leading brands worldwide. Their customers include many of these same global businesses.

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