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Jazz Music Theory Professor Steve Strunk Passes Away

Editor Henry Martin remembers jazz music theory scholar and pianist Steve Strunk for his contributions to intervallic patterns in jazz to Journal of Jazz Studies. Steve also studied composition at Boston Conservatory with Roger Sessions and Vincent Persichetti before passing away at age 60.

Strunk is an avid horseback rider and rancher. She was instrumental in bringing the NFL Draft to Nashville this year and stands by her commitment to positively impacting communities across Tennessee.

Early Life and Education

Strunk has spent much of his career serving as an operations expert with experience in both medical device and high-tech industries. He has held executive roles with companies such as Accuray and PerkinElmer.

His groundbreaking application of neo-Riemannian concepts to jazz theory was also published by Music Theory Spectrum, and he presented talks on this subject matter at Oxford University and West Coast Conference of Music Theory and Analysis.

Dr. Danny was known by many to have an enormous heart and always gave back. From buying birthday presents for children and helping struggling mothers receive flowers or sharing his fishing stories to his son Steven and David as well as to grandchildren as well as many friends and colleagues, Dr. Danny made sure there was someone he could help at every opportunity. His passions for nature, music and fishing stories was passed along to them along with numerous friends and colleagues in need.

Professional Career

Coach Steve began playing youth and high school hockey in North Central Wisconsin before going on to compete two seasons of USHL Junior A for Madison Capitols of USHL Division 1. Following Colorado College he spent five years as a professional hockey player in ECHL, IHL, and AHL leagues.

He was also a talented composer, writing works that ranged from modernism to serialism and beyond. He composed music for concert bands, orchestras and solo piano as well as performing regularly at nightclubs and hotels.

Strunk was a prominent member of the Titans ownership group, serving as its controlling owner after her husband Tommy passed away in 2015. Since then, she has transformed the franchise through her commitment of resources and strategic decisions that have put the franchise on a winning trajectory.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Strunk has an expansive knowledge of music theory and law. His articles have appeared in publications such as Journal of Music Theory Spectrum and Florida State University Law Review.

Strunk, the daughter of Titans founder K.S. “Bud” Adams, received one-third of his stake following his death and eventually assumed controlling ownership in 2015. Since then she has transformed the franchise, hiring Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel as new managers to replace Tommy Smith while investing in upgrades at Nissan Stadium and Ascension Saint Thomas Sports Park.

Business administration undergraduate Sophie Hansson competed at the 2020 Summer Olympics and won a bronze medal in women’s 4×100-meter freestyle relay competition. Meanwhile, Patrice Nealon from the Department of Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship received an Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Professorship award.

Personal Life

Steve Strunk dedicated his life to his family and loved ones. A member of Hidenwood Presbyterian Church and an active volunteer within his community, Steve enjoyed biking, walking on Noland Trail, playing tennis and biking as hobbies – always providing love and generosity to everyone he encountered.

He contributed an article on intervallic patterns in jazz music to the 1996 Annual Review of Jazz Studies 8. This work expanded upon earlier work done by Allen Forte and others.

He currently serves as Colorado Banking Commissioner, overseeing 107 state-chartered banks and trust companies with assets totaling $40 billion in the state. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Finance from University of Colorado Boulder; two children were produced during his previous marriage.

Net Worth

Adams Strunk is the daughter of late Titans founder, Jack Strunk, and as soon as he passed away she inherited one-third of the franchise and 11% ownership in KSA Industries; all five of Adams Strunk’s siblings also hold 9.9%.

Since becoming controlling owner in 2015, she has built an outstanding reputation as an effective leader for her Tennessee Titans, who have changed uniforms, hosted the NFL Draft and improved their record. Jon Robinson was hired as general manager following Ruston Webster’s dismissal following 2015.

Strunk has long been engaged in community endeavors similar to other NFL owners such as Virginia Halas McCakey (Bears) and Gayle Benson (Saints), supporting local schools, hospitals and music programs around Nashville as well as Equinox Fitness and SoulCycle investments.

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