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Steve Sharp Net Worth – How Much Is Steve Sharp Worth?

Steve Sharp is a highly experienced attorney specializing in white collar crime. He has successfully represented clients accused of fraud, money laundering, or falsifying accounting records.

His skills as a marksman make him an invaluable ally, from using concealed weapons for self-defense and taking down targets at close range, to being one of Jordan’s close confidantes until their defeat by JSA and later serving as CFO for Jordan’s million dollar company The American Dream.

Early Life and Education

Sharp was raised in Gideon, Missouri as the eldest son of Alice Rhodes and Byron Harrison Sharp. Living in such an idyllic community enabled him to learn hunting and fishing techniques as well as cooking steak, appreciating nature’s sounds, reading, telling tales and loving his family members.

After graduating from Southeast Missouri State University, he moved to Memphis for law school at Memphis State. Following service in the U.S. Army where he received the Bronze Star award, he returned home and practiced law before being appointed Presiding Circuit Judge of Dunklin and Stoddard counties encompassing 35th Judicial District in 1990.

Professional Career

His research centers around using technology to augment teaching and learning. He has presented at several conferences and published in leading journals; for example, recently in Educational Technology News on how teachers use technology to mediate instructional practices for multilingual learners.

Sharp began his legal career by working for Coleman. Initially he handled appeals before the state Supreme Court; later however he admitted to doing work for other clients outside Coleman as reported by The Times Union in July.

He was one of the original founding members of Kennett Museum. With fellow member, Glen Brogden, they continue to serve as directors. Together, they raised funds to preserve and open the museum; additionally they have hosted fundraisers for Alzheimer’s Lincoln as well as other organizations.

Achievement and Honors

Sharp was honored with numerous awards during his law school studies and served on Memphis State University Law Review as well as being appointed Judge Pro Tempore for Dunklin and Stoddard Counties of Missouri’s 35th Judicial Circuit.

Sharp was also active in local politics, working on various campaigns in his community such as co-chairing the Committee to Re-elect Tom Eagleton to Congress and serving as chairman of the Dunklin County Democratic Central Committee for several years.

Sharp is currently serving as Chief Operations Officer of HealthEdge, an enterprise software company offering healthcare payors a financial, administrative and clinical platform. In his role, he ensures that HealthEdge’s internal infrastructure satisfies burgeoning market demand for their market-leading solutions.

Personal Life

Steve Sharp was an extraordinary individual who accomplished all that he set his mind to. From soccer field goals and deer stands to his beloved farm in Pattensburg, Missouri – every moment was lived to the fullest.

He had great affection for both his family and country, serving actively at church where he attended regularly. Additionally, he enjoyed spending time in his favorite park or by his home waterway.

He was an ardent friend and loyal ally to his colleagues, possessing an impeccable work ethic while continuously seeking ways to advance his craft. Beyond law practice, he served on various local boards including Knoxville Rotary Club as a member and was an accomplished songwriter.

Net Worth

Wikipedia, Forbes & other online sources estimate Steve Sharp’s net worth to range between $1-5 Million dollars, having amassed this fortune through being an influential YouTube Star. At 42 years old and hailing from Utah he currently resides there.

Steve has been providing investment planning services for 24 years. Throughout this time he has guided clients through major economic challenges while remaining dedicated to offering customized plans and portfolios tailored towards meeting each investor’s overall investment goals.

He lives with his wife in Salt Lake City with their four children. An active community volunteer, he supports charitable causes by serving on boards like Utah State Historical Society’s Board of Directors as well as Salt Lake Community College’s Trustees board.

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