Steve Sharkey

Steve Sharkey

Steve Sharkey has trained in multiple martial arts systems. Beginning with Lau Gar Kung Fu at St Luke’s Church Hall in Wallasey, Liverpool and progressing through to become a Black Belt in multiple systems.

He has also served the city of Baltimore in multiple capacities, such as improving government efficiency across various agencies. For his efforts he has received multiple awards.

Early Life and Education

While working at Alverno College, Dr. Smith also conducts research in teaching methods and the relationship between culture and Catholicism. Currently he is engaged in an ambitious project entitled: ‘Learning that Lasts: Fostering Integrative and Expansive Learning Capabilities Throughout Life.

Sharkey was raised in California and attended Ygnacio Valley High School before going on to share his faith with anyone willing to listen. He had an enormous heart, known for its kindness.

He represents financial institutions, businesses and insurance companies in a variety of litigation matters spanning financial institution litigation (business/commercial litigation), employment litigation (employment discrimination claims), real property litigation (real property and real estate disputes) insurance litigation (first party property, coverage and third party liability defense) as well as class action defense.

Professional Career

Steve Sharkey has represented financial institutions, medical groups and businesses in a range of litigation cases since 2008. Since 2008 he has been a partner at Hogan Lovells.

Isaiah Sharkey developed his skills in Chicago’s jazz clubs before garnering critical acclaim for his collaboration with D’Angelo on Black Messiah (2016). That achievement opened up more doors – such as touring alongside John Mayer.

He currently holds the position of senior director in the firm’s Government Affairs department and leads a team of technical policy experts. With vast experience in spectrum management – working with U.S. regulators and international bodies on developing long-term visions for broadband growth; including policies that facilitate 5G deployment – and as a member of Commerce Spectrum Management Advisory Committee.

Achievement and Honors

Stephen Sharkey has written numerous plays, such as A Christmas Carol which was produced at Northern Stage in Newcastle and Ion by Euripides for London’s Gate Theatre. Additionally, two other books of his have also been adapted for performance onstage by him.

After joining Baltimore City Government in 2005 and working in various capacities, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake appointed him Director of General Services in 2013. Since then he has increased efficiency within his agency while strengthening relationships.

He was an ardent Raiders supporter and enjoyed watching them play at their hometown stadium in Oakland. A generous man with a big heart, he helped many in need. A loving husband, father, son, and brother. He will be greatly missed.

Personal Life

At eleven years old he started martial arts training, eventually progressing through to 5th Dan in Lau Gar Kung Fu. Now teaching across both the UK and internationally.

He is also an award-winning author with two published works entitled, “Learning That Lasts” and “Teaching to Change Lives”. Additionally, he serves as professor at Alverno College where he studies learning frameworks and teaching methodologies.

He is the husband of social media influencer Alexis Sharkey. In an interview with Eyewitness News’ Steve Campion, he discussed her death and disappearance; describing her as his lifeline and receiving death threats since her disappearance. Together they have three children.

Net Worth

Sharkey is estimated to have an estimated net worth of over one million dollars, estimated from his ownership of over 2,000 units of Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co stock worth an estimated total of more than $1,691,749. He trades this RS stock about 8 times annually.

After their father George retired in 1996, Stephen and Scott Sharkey took over his business. Over a period of growth and development based on core principles established by George, such as an organized approach to processes coupled with an unwavering determination to meet client needs, Stephen and Scott Sharkey helped establish themselves as industry leaders.

Sharkey and Antonio Ambrosio used two mortgage-closing schemes to persuade victims to provide down payment funds to close on homes, then used this money by secretly attending closings that the victims did not know anything about.

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