Steve Shaheen

Steve Shaheen – A Distinguished Senator From New Hampshire

Stephen Shaheen of Brooklyn-based artist blurs the boundaries between art and design with his sculptures crafted using modeling pulp made of recycled paper and denim fibers for his “headlight” series of hand sculptures.

One of his best-known works, Memoria Project is an impressive 100-ton marble and granite memorial to victims of 9/ll that combines material stone carving techniques with metaphysical contemplations.

Early Life and Education

Stephen Shaheen of Brooklyn creates intricate lamps that illuminate humanoid figures’ heads using bone, marble and glass as materials that evoke them. Each piece represents an exceptional combination of concept, technique and execution.

He studied stone sculpture in Siena, Italy before going on to earn an MFA at New York Academy of Art. Since then he has won various grants such as Ludwig Vogelstein grants, Italian Cultural Institute/La Fortuna Foundation Fellowships, Artist Residency at Digital Stone Project. Additionally, many of his indoor and outdoor installations can be found throughout both North America and Europe.

Louise will be missed by her children – Ralph and James Shaheen of Ralph Shaheen Construction and Carol and Clay Nelson; grandchildren Sara Hill, Leah Sargent Megan Busque Kendalyn as well as brothers-in-law Frederic Zerka and Lottie Zerka as well as several nieces and nephews.

Professional Career

Steve Shaheen is an operations and engineering professional who dedicates himself to serving communities by providing them with energy they require. Additionally, he works hard to protect the environment while upholding integrity in pipeline operations he oversees. Furthermore, Steve is also a devoted father and husband who cherishes family life.

His work blurs the boundaries between sculpture and design, often employing materials as diverse as newspaper and blue jeans to form its ‘headlights’. He has had his work displayed at major museums in both America and Europe, earning awards such as Ludwig Volgestein grants, Italian Cultural Institute/La Fortuna Foundation Fellowships, 2009-2010 Residency at Digital Stone Project and Memoria Project (a community piece with 100 ton marble/granite monument dedicated to 9/11 victims), Metrobench monument.

Achievement and Honors

Shaheen has also been an outspoken champion for families of hostages, fighting ISIS terrorists responsible for killing New Hampshire journalists James Foley, Steven Sotloff and Kayla Mueller to face trial here in America. Additionally, she works to advocate on behalf of Americans detained abroad unjustly such as Granite Stater Amer Fakhoury and Pastor Andrew Brunson.

Shaheen has received multiple grants and fellowships including the Ludwig Vogelstein Grant, Italian Cultural Institute/La Fortuna Foundation Fellowship and 2009-2010 Digital Stone Project Residency. His indoor and outdoor installations can be found both publically and privately across both the US and Europe – Memoria (100 Ton Marble/Granite Monument to 9/11 Victims) and Metrobench (5k NYC Metrocards Bench). These pieces have become favorites among collectors worldwide.

Personal Life

Shaheen’s sculpture explores the interstices between fine art and design. He is the recipient of several grants from institutions like Ludwig Volgestein, Italian Cultural Institute/La Fortuna Foundation fellowship and residency at Digital Stone Project Siena Italy, among many others. His indoor/outdoor installations can be found both in private collections as well as public ones across Europe and America.

His sculptural headlight series includes miniature human figures with light bulbs as heads. One such sculpture depicts three figures trying to connect their heads together using electrical wire.

He created Metrobench, a seating element made out of 5,000 recycled New York City subway cards that serves to illustrate how mass transit brings people from diverse backgrounds into one common moment and place.

Net Worth

Ending Spending, a pro-government group, recently issued an advertisement alleging that Senator Shaheen’s wealth is on the rise as a result of her Senate activities. Citing an April Boston Globe article which highlighted stock options owned by Ultrawave Labs — which received federal stimulus funds to develop imaging technology for breast cancer detection — owned by Shaheen’s husband; they own shares in Ultrawave Labs with which her wealth had increased significantly; these figures support this claim.

However, values from articles and ads do not support any assertion that her assets have grown since becoming senator. Furthermore, it’s possible that stock options were never exercised or sold – this would keep their value neutral. She and her husband own numerous commercial and residential real estate properties as investments which should grow over time.

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