Steve Oakland

Steve Oakland – Managing Director of TreeHouse Foods

Steve Oakland serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of TreeHouse Foods, overseeing its private label food and beverage distribution in the US market. Prior to that he held various executive roles at Smucker Company including Vice Chairman/President.

He and his wife purchased their six-bedroom Hinsdale home for $2.3 million in 2018.

Although Steve Oakland did not possess extraordinary acting talent, his physique made up for it with success in bodybuilding.

Early Life and Education

Steve grew up in Albert Lea, Minnesota where he enjoyed hunting ducks and pheasants as well as spending time on his Family farm near New Richland.

Steve brings extensive entrepreneurial and executive experience. He founded GoDaddy’s California offices, led the public offering as Chief Product Officer, sold an online insurance marketplace to Intuit, and currently sits on the boards of Blucora, Xero and Ruby Receptionists.

As chairman of Oakland Roots Sports Club in Oakland, a community-focused professional soccer team dedicated to harnessing its magic through amplifying community voices, he works to tap into and amplify them for maximum effectiveness. Additionally, he serves on both the boards of TreeHouse Foods Inc and MTD Products Corporation.

Professional Career

Wisniewski played on the Oakland Raiders’ legendary 1989 championship team and perfectly personified their brand of football at that time: hard-nosed and brutal. As one of their fierce guards, he gave their running backs such as Bo Jackson and Napoleon Kaufman the freedom they needed to wreak havoc against opposing defenses.

Steve is an accomplished trial lawyer specializing in products liability and professional negligence claims. He has successfully represented some high-profile cases, such as one where he secured a record $14.8 million verdict against hospital and physician for failing to perform timely cesarean sections that led to brain damage in an infant.

He is currently the CEO of private-label food and beverage provider TreeHouse Foods, where he most recently served as vice chair and president. Additionally, he sits on the boards for Foot Locker and Foster Farms.

Achievement and Honors

Steve is an exceptional graduate of Oakland Technical High School who has made significant contributions in his field on both local/regional and national levels.

His experience includes product development, brand management and strategic planning in domestic and international consumer product operations as well as involvement in governance matters as CEO of a public company.

As both an organic chemist and polymer chemist by training, he spent 34 years at 3M central and corporate research laboratories. During that time he earned 100 patents, published 76 research articles, received the Carlton Society Award (the highest recognition for scientific achievement at 3M) as well as receiving the Lifetime Service Award.

He has also served as a volunteer with Math Corps, which offers summer camps and year-round Saturday programs and enrichment courses at middle and secondary schools across the U.S.

Personal Life

Steve is well known in intellectual property law and represents clients in the software and technology industries. He has successfully negotiated trademark infringement settlements on their behalf as well as extensive knowledge in licensing of software and music products.

He has established himself in the world of entertainment as well, hosting radio and television programs including Steve Harvey’s popular morning show on CBS Radio Network. Touring alongside comedy acts like Cedric the Entertainer, D.L Hughley and Bernie Mac, his performances were featured as part of the King of Comedy Tour.

He and his wife Elizabeth live in a six-bedroom mansion in Hinsdale that they purchased for $2.3 million in 2018. He serves as CEO of Oak Brook-based TreeHouse Foods, which specializes in private label foods and beverages for retailers and food away from home customers.

Net Worth

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Steve Levy is an esteemed broadcasting journalist for ESPN since August 1, 1993. He is married to Ani Levy and they share three children – CarsonStone, Harper and Ben Levy. Standing at 6ft 1 inch (1.85 meters), Steve remains private about his personal life.

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