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Duggan Flanakin, Director of Policy Research at the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), expressed hope that President Donald Trump would speak out against what he termed as “pork spending” contained within the COVID relief bill that passed the House Friday evening.

Early Life and Education

Steve Merczynski was born and educated in New York City’s public schools before going on to college where he received his degree in political science. Additionally, he became active within the Democratic Party while fighting racial discrimination.

Later he joined a private security firm and was quickly promoted to senior vice president. Since then he has handled cases involving international kidnapping, product extortion and Asian organized crime.

He possesses an estimated net worth of $1 Million and currently resides at ***** Charles Street in Brooklyn, New York. He has appeared as a guest on multiple radio shows and podcasts; writing for various websites and blogs as well. His interests span politics, history and current events as well as reading books and watching movies.

Professional Career

Steve Merczynski has long been a fixture in New York City radio, working at some of the nation’s most acclaimed stations. Known as a witty broadcaster with an exceptional ability to deal with criticism, Merczynski is well known as an all-round radio personality with an established career history in media relations and public speaking.

He is also an author, having published multiple articles on various subjects. His writing has been featured on multiple online publications.

Steve currently resides at 15 Charles Pl, Brooklyn, New York 11221. It is believed he may be associated with or know various members of this circle:

Achievement and Honors

Steve Merczynski has made headlines for his charitable activities, with donations totaling millions to various charity organizations. Additionally, his professional career is marked with several awards and honors; including successfully resolving international kidnapping cases as well as operations against Triads and Asian organized crime groups.

He currently resides in Brooklyn with his wife and two children and has numerous aliases.

Personal Life

New York-born, he has worked as both host and producer at several radio stations in New York. Additionally, he has performed as stand-up comedian at many of the country’s premier comedy clubs.

Duggan Flanakin, director of policy research for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, expressed hope that President Trump would oppose what he calls the “pork spending” contained within the COVID relief bill that passed out of House late Friday night and is headed toward Senate approval.

Merczynski hails from Brooklyn and currently resides in Manhattan with his two children Adam and Emily. An avid sports enthusiast, Merczynski enjoys traveling to watch his beloved New York Yankees take to the field!

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