Steve McPherson

Steve McPherson, MD

Dr. Steve McPherson of Franklin, Louisiana specializes in internal medicine. Dr. McPherson obtained his medical degree from Tulane University of Louisiana.

From 2007 until now, he has used plastic shards and novelties found on local beaches as his main material in creating sculptures to highlight marine plastic pollution. These works serve as reminders that marine plastic pollution remains a serious problem.

Early Life and Education

McPherson was born in Kellerville, Texas. He is widely respected as both an author and historian specializing in American Civil War studies, most notably for his comprehensive analysis and emphasis on moral and ideological elements of war. Additionally he works hard to preserve battlefields from this conflict for future generations as resources.

His work has been featured in multiple art fairs and numerous private collections. Additionally, he lectured on his artist books and diaries at University of California as well as on hybrid lexicon at CODEX Symposium. Recently his sculptural pieces focused on marine plastic waste have been displayed by Lush Cosmetics among others.

Professional Career

McPherson is an impressive embodiment of positivity. He has led two #1 ranked high school baseball teams, run a successful racehorse operation and competed against some of the world’s leading golfers.

He won multiple doubles titles on the ATP tour, as well as participating in World Team Tennis league franchises like Sacramento and Kansas City Explorers.

He has provided piano, organ, percussion and synthesizer instruments for contemporary gospel artists such as Edwin Hawkins, Thomas Dorsey, Pastor Marvin Sapp, J-Moss, Vicki Winans and Yolanda Adams among many others. Furthermore, he has produced records for CBS/RCA/Quincy Jones’ QWEST Records as well as acting as consultant on various musical projects.

Achievement and Honors

McPherson was honored with induction into the Institute of Labor Relations Alumni Hall of Fame. During his first year as president of ABC Entertainment, he led it to its best primetime performance since 2004, including winning November sweeps and premiering hit shows such as Lost and Grey’s Anatomy.

McPherson first highlighted his work with marine plastics at ‘Gyre- The Plastic Ocean’ Art Exhibition and Maritime Mix Cultural Olympiad on Shetland Islands, UK, in 2015. Additionally, his marine environmental artwork has been showcased at international exhibitions such as ‘Packet Soup” (Germany), Algalita Marine Research Foundation’s HydroMemories exhibit as well as The Hybrid Lexicon in USA.

He has long served on the Walla Walla University board and currently represents them at Idaho Conference Shepherdess meetings as an ambassador. Furthermore, he has funded improvements at Camp Ida-Haven and Gem State Adventist Academy including plans for an operating endowment at both locations.

Personal Life

Steve McPherson is the proud father of Darcy McPherson, an 18 year-old playing senior football for Greenvale Football Club in Tasmania. Additionally, Steve is a long-term supporter of Greenvale Free Clinic.

Erich currently works full-time as a fine artist, and his works have been showcased in both hard copy and online journals and publications such as Surf Simply Magazine, Visual China Express, Phox pops Magazine, The Times Newspaper, British Vogue Magazine, New American Paintings City Lab Magazines Resurgence Magazine among many others.

His collections incorporate data visualization, art infographics and the aesthetics derived from utility, science and the laboratory. His studies on Eccles Bay and other sites, and work with marine plastic are integral parts of his historical and archival sensibility.

Net Worth

McPherson served as Global Head Sales for Marketaxess Holdings Inc and earned a base salary of $300,000. Additionally, he received approximately $2,096,032 worth of compensations such as stock awards, earnings plans or compensation plans from their employer in 2020.

ABC Entertainment Chairman Paul Lee has long been recognized for guiding a comeback of primetime, with hits like Desperate Housewives, Lost and Grey’s Anatomy finding critical success under his watch. While there was uncertainty as to his future for months after signing a multiyear deal with his studios, Lee is staying put now.

Over the past 18 months, Mr. Lantz has undertaken 12 insider transactions at MarketAxess Holdings Inc, including selling shares worth $5,477,060 on 16 November 2021. As of November 16th he now owns 9,363 shares of MarketAxess’ stock – representing an increase of 16% since his previous ownership record was created.

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