Steve Ledford

Steve Ledford, CMS’ Athletic Director, Passed Away Sept. 2

Steve Ledford is TCH’s SVP for Product Management and Strategy. As leader of their RTP network which clears and settles payments individually in real-time, he has extensive knowledge in payments industry since joining TCH back in 1992.

Defendant testified that Shirley Ledford agreed to sexual acts for money and make a tape, after which she was tortured and strangled with a coat hanger.

Early Life and Education

People gathered in Canton Middle School’s auditorium Monday afternoon for Steve Ledford’s memorial service were remembering a life built around faith, family, academics and sports. Ledford served as CMS athletic director and basketball coach and worked at the school for 18 years; unfortunately he suffered severe head trauma after falling off a volleyball referee stand Sept 2 and died later that night at Mission Hospital Memorial Campus.

Ledford established and led Mountain Sports Baseball, a USSSA travel baseball organization. He took an unconventional approach to baseball by never charging tournament fees or team dues from parents; furthermore he advocated for children’s health and nutrition issues. Ledford loved spending his free time fishing or attending horse races in Florida where his family resided.

Professional Career

Dr. Ledford also had a passion for music, regularly performing banjo and fiddle in western North Carolina for years. Additionally, he enjoyed sports and nature; serving as coach/athletic director at CMS for 18 years as well as serving as deacon at High Street Baptist Church of Canton where he served for 30 years as deacon.

Ledford has been an integral member of Stevenson football for five seasons. As part of their special teams, he serves as a holder on extra-point attempts and placekicks and relays each offensive play to their kicker. Prior to joining The Clearing House, Ledford was a partner at Novantas Consulting (a financial services consulting firm), where he led McKinsey’s global payments practice.

Achievement and Honors

Attendees at Steve Ledford’s memorial service on Monday at CMS commemorated his life as one centered around faith, family, academics and athletics – in that order. Ledford served 18 years at CMS before his untimely passing after falling from a volleyball referee’s stand and suffering a head injury on Sept 2.

Pisgah High School football player Bailey Fox had played under Ledford since middle school. When hearing of his passing last Thursday, Fox was on the field when hearing the news and felt the urge to win in his honor – Ledford founded and ran Mountain Sports Baseball for 15 years, an USSSA travel baseball organization that hosted league tournaments across North Carolina.

Personal Life

Ledford loved fishing and spending time with his family during his free time. A strong believer of God, Ledford always knew He had a plan. All who knew him will miss him greatly.

Steve Ledford has spent 41 years as an industry expert, serving as SVP of products and strategy at The Clearing House where he developed RTP – an instant payment system which clears and settles payments instantly with instant finality.

He was a long-standing member of High Street Baptist Church in Canton and served as deacon for over three decades, leaving behind his wife, daughters, son, four grandchildren, as well as numerous nieces and nephews. Additionally, he founded Mountain Sports Baseball – a travel ball organization that stood out by never charging players to participate.

Net Worth

As a Congressman, he earns an annual salary of $318,000 USD. Additionally, he has invested in multiple other business ventures, such as real estate investment firms.

As SVP of products and strategy at The Clearing House, he led the launch of RTP (Real Time Payment Network), an RTP which clears and settles payments individually in real time. Prior to that he had worked as partner with Novantas as well as leading McKinsey’s global payments practice.

His estimated net worth is an estimated $16.1 million. Since 2012, he has completed 21 trades of Marsh & McLennan Cos stock and currently owns 4,114 units of it. Furthermore, he has participated in various charity initiatives over time such as High Street Baptist Church membership and Mountain Sports Baseball–an organization offering travel baseball free of cost for local children.

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