Steve Leal

Steve Leal – Artist, Entrepreneur, and CEO of Fix Network World

Steve Leal serves as President and CEO of Fix Network World, an automotive aftermarket services network with more than 2,000 points of service worldwide. He began with this company as the owner and franchisee of Fix Auto Cambridge in Ontario Canada back in 2004.

Tucson residents shouldn’t take long to realize that City Councilman Steve Leal is taking advantage of them financially.

Early Life and Education

Steve Leal grew up in a small town in southwest Colorado. Beginning at 13 he worked hard to support his family on their farm and ice house operations; later working at Hecothorn Munitions Company of Littleton as well as doing railroad work.

He eventually moved to Limoneira Packing House, eventually rising through the ranks to become warehouse superintendent. Enrolling in night classes to further his education, and raising a strong family with Yolanda Villa Leal as their loving support system.

He and his wife were deeply committed to giving back to their community, often lending assistance where needed. They volunteered at local schools by cleaning windows and offering classroom assistance.

Professional Career

His work has been featured at several galleries and he has received several awards. Additionally, his artistic endeavors extend to consulting businesses and organizations on how they can form more productive work professional relationships and increase productivity. Furthermore, he provides lectures about leadership and career development through podcasts or radio shows; speaking engagements for Gen Z professionals on leadership/career issues as well as coaching programs designed specifically for them.

He had been serving on the Tucson City Council for 20 years – making him the second-longest serving member. Leal’s decision not to seek reelection has come as a shock to some of his constituents; neighborhood activist Cindy Ayala expressed shock over this turn of events as she had expected that Leal would remain. Ayala noted how Leal had contributed much good during his time on council and she appreciated all he did during that time.

Achievement and Honors

Leal was known for both his academic and career achievements, as well as being a longtime volunteer and supporter of Sheridan Schools. Along with his wife Hope, they were avid Sheridan Broncos fans, attending every game and concert they could. Furthermore, they adopted their granddaughter Cierra as part of their family and raised her as their own.

He played an essential role in identifying new forms of COVID during its pandemic through DNA sequencing at UAB Fungal Reference Laboratory, leading to him earning a place on 2021 Pathologist Power List.

He is also a recipient of the Kirby-Jones Scholarship, presented by Marvel and Robert Kirby to recognize their granddaughters for outstanding academic achievements. Furthermore, he won a Phi Beta Kappa award – an academic honor society with chapters across 283 American campuses that is awarded on GPA and academic record alone.

Personal Life

As well as painting and sculpture, Leal has also dabbled in printmaking since the late 80s/early 90s, producing these works in several one man shows and printing numerous limited editions of his pieces.

Steve enjoys traveling and spending time with his family in his free time, including attending Denver Broncos games when possible.

Steve and Hope are known for being generous with both their time and resources, helping to raise children of friends, relatives, and students from Sheridan schools over time. Steve even occasionally volunteers his services at McDonald’s by washing windows or cleaning bathrooms!

Net Worth

Lean is an Economics graduate with a gleam of success in big finance. His entrepreneurial ventures span multiple businesses in Quebec; now, as CEO of Fix Auto he hopes to become the go-to consolidator of collision repair shops.

Leal serves on the Boards of Directors at Fix Auto World and Face The Music Foundation, in addition to her charitable efforts with Right To Dream Foundation – an organization which assists children who require assistance.

Leal married Bev Land in October 2001 and they had one son together named Kai Miles Land; however, the marriage eventually dissolving in 2007. Leal also has a stepsister named Kristina Manankil who is an actor and singer known for roles such as those seen on “Guiding Light,” Legacy,” and Boston Public.”

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