Steve Knowles

Steve Knowles – Founder and CEO of Densu

Steve serves as Chief Growth Officer of Densu and oversees its customer experience agency and Adobe Global Alliance Partner status. He focuses on supporting their accelerated expansion across Australia and New Zealand.

Steve’s research interests lie in experimental economics and empirical modelling of economic development and growth. He has published multiple papers related to behavioral economics and charitable giving.

Early Life and Education

Knowles was a noted author in adult education and self-directed learning, providing adult educators with a new outlook through his widely accepted concept of andragogy. Furthermore, his ideas contributed to shifting informal adult education programs towards adult learners as learners.

His writing on adult education had a tremendous impact on the philosophies, programs, and approaches used by many organizations within this field. Furthermore, his books about adult learning were among the top best sellers within education.

Knowles studied political science and economics at Yale University. He has written numerous articles for academic journals and conducted extensive research in experimental economics as well as empirical modelling of economic growth and development.

Professional Career

Knowles was a recognized member of both the Society for Human Resource Management and International Coach Federation, as well as serving as an attorney with Davis & Kuelthau in Milwaukee. Currently he works as senior attorney with Davis & Kuelthau.

He is widely acknowledged as an expert in labor and employment law, practicing before all Wisconsin state courts as well as U.S. District Courts for both Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin as well as the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

He co-hosts the popular podcast Verdict with Ted Cruz. Together, the pair interviews politicians and members of Trump administration; their interviews have garnered much media coverage and have received high production quality interviews with thoughtful questions from listeners.

Achievement and Honors

Zach Powers of Knowles Senior Fellow was recently selected as principal of East Bay Innovation Academy – a high school which supports diverse student populations – as part of an expansion plan by Bay Area News Review. Click here for more.

Sarah Clausen of 2021 Knowles Teaching Fellow was recently honored as district teacher of the year by being recognized for her excellence in preparing and delivering instruction, creating an inclusive learning environment with effective routines and procedures, and exhibiting leadership both inside and beyond classroom walls. Read more in a WTOP article here.

Susan Pienta was chosen as a Project Kindle teacher for 2017 and will join an Earthwatch expedition alongside world-class scientists to collect data related to some of the most pressing research questions in science, including climate change, ocean health, wildlife ecosystems and archaeology.

Personal Life

Steven was an outstanding husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend. He always put his family first and spent countless hours coaching, driving and attending his daughters’ sporting events and gymnastic meets – supporting and expecting great things from them throughout their lives; even as his health declined leading up to his passing.

Knowles was reported missing from their shared apartment at Carva Apartments on October 3 by his roommate, Quiana McCloud. Her last known sighting of him was when he offered her a ride to the store; upon her return home from shopping he was gone without cell phone, house keys or cigarettes.

Steven Knowles was widely respected among employees with two to five years of experience and those from Hispanic or Latino backgrounds at EN Engineering, especially among employees from these backgrounds. However, there was room for improvement regarding his leadership style and effectiveness.

Net Worth

Knowles is an accomplished businessman, author and media host. He amassed his fortune through music as well as investments in various businesses and stocks. Furthermore, Knowles currently teaches courses at Texas Southern University on both entrepreneurship and entertainment.

He has appeared in various television shows and films, as well as receiving training at Wynn Handman Acting Studio in New York. Additionally, he currently hosts a podcast for The Daily Wire where he interviews various politicians and celebrities.

At Steven’s initial arrest, police used torture to force him into confessing. They denied him access to his lawyer and used physical force against him before coercing him into signing a confession statement intoxicated that later had to be revoked.

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