Steve Kick

Tekken’s Steve Kick

Steve stands out as an unorthodox fighter in Tekken due to his unconventional fighting style of bobbing and swaying, featuring powerful high/low combos which can quickly open up an opponent.

Coach Kick was no stranger to challenges, often taking over programs that had fallen on hard times in order to push them forward and back onto a successful course – this was most evident during his reign at Kenton in 1976, after seven consecutive losing seasons had ensued prior to his arrival.

Early Life and Education

Stephen was raised in Tampa, Florida where he developed an early interest in chemistry, biology, and aeronautics. After attending Crittenden Middle School and Hampstead High School he later earned a chemistry degree at UNCG before returning home and joining his parents’ business as a consultant in 1969.

After teaching biology for one year at Grimsley High School, he joined the Air Force and started flying helicopters. Additionally, he used his knowledge and understanding of earth topography and air density to train other AF pilots as an instructor.

Steve-O hosts a podcast called ‘Wild Ride With Steve-O,’ with guests like Post Malone and Tom Delonge from Blink 182. At present, he is fighting pancreatic cancer with the intention of beating it to a point where surgery can remove it entirely; yet this battle does not define him or write his narrative story for him.

Professional Career

Kick became legendary during his NFL career when he won 13 games with field goals scored within the last minute of regulation or overtime play, as well as scoring the greatest comeback ever seen in NFL playoff history.

After his football career was complete, Kick began teaching physical education, driver’s education, American history at Upper Scioto Valley, Riverdale (a district which encompassed Hardin, Hancock and Wyandot counties), Morral Ridgedale in Kenton County and Loudonville High School.

He teaches various military subjects to United States Air Force pilots. Hwoarang and Jado are friends and sometimes rivals; though these relationships only appear in non-canon games such as Scenario Campaign of Tekken 6. You can spot Jado sparring against him in Tekken 5 while they form a partnership in Street Fighter X Tekken and its 2010 film adaptations.

Achievement and Honors

Kick was an impressive coach who led two district championship teams and four trips to regional tournaments over his six years as a head coach, receiving Ashland Times Coach of the Year awards both times he was honored with one.

Kick was an accomplished coach at Upper Scioto Valley and Patrick Henry schools before becoming principal of Loudonville-Perrysville High School after seven consecutive losing seasons had ensued. Under his guidance, 14 wins were secured within one year as Kick became principal at Loudonville-Perrysville.

James can often come off as being arrogant and belligerent, as seen on Jackass interludes when he calls Bruce Irvin “Pops”, while declaring he has “no time for old-timers”. James is an active member of Zion Lutheran Church in Loudonville and serves on its township council; additionally he’s well known for commercials for Sneaux brand shoes.

Personal Life

Steve Kick is both husband and father. He has three children: daughter Ellen is currently studying doctoral chemistry at University of California; Phil studies medicine at Ohio Wesleyan; while Andy attends University of Dayton as a junior student. For 10 years Steve served on Loudonville-Perrysville school board while also being active in his local Rotary club.

He serves as Director of Engagement at William & Mary’s Muscarelle Museum of Art, using art to engage people on difficult issues and inform them through dialogue. He describes himself as an “art evangelist”, using it to educate on its uses in engaging communities about them.

In 1996-1997 he spearheaded a cultural exchange project between musicians from Senegal and India, touring with Renegade Way which featured Greg Osby (alto), Joe Lovano (tenor), Craig Handy (bass), and Yoron Israel (drums).

Net Worth

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He became one of the youngest Dragons ever to enter the Den, having amassed his fortune through award-winning digital agency Social Chain and becoming an active investor with holdings ranging from meal replacement firm Huel to dental back-office infrastructure firms.

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