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Profile of Steve Husk

Steve Husk has achieved much in the financial services software industry as an accomplished veteran. His impressive list of accomplishments include working at FRS Global and Dovetail firms as well as being appointed CEO of CloudMargin (a collateral management solution provider).

Stephen Husk was fined $2,000 after admitting operating an unlicensed football pool that attracted thousands of participants in Winnipeg. Husk plead guilty and admitted operating his pool without permission.

Early Life and Education

Steve was an immensely popular student during high school. He quickly made friends with Tommy Hagan and Carol Perkins before attending a private college preparatory academy, though never earning enough credits to graduate.

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Professional Career

Husk holds two full-time jobs: web applications developer and father to three kids. In his free time he writes novels, short stories and dark poetry.

He joined CloudMargin when it was just starting up with only a handful of clients and helped build its platform business. Since his arrival, the company has experienced significant growth while exceeding initial goals of annual recurring revenue growth.

John is widely recognized as an industry expert on collateral management technology. With more than 35 years of experience at some of the world’s leading financial services firms, he is known for his leadership and deep understanding of industry needs. John also serves on multiple industry committees and frequently provides keynote addresses at global conferences.

Achievement and Honors

Husk has received several honors and awards. These include being presented with the Howard G. McClain Christian Action in Public Policy Award from Howard G. McClain Christian Action International and receiving the NAACP Southeast Region Medgar W. Evers Leadership Award from NAACP Southeast Region. In addition, he was inducted into both Charleston YMCA Hall of Fame and Richland County Black Hall of Fame.

Husk led Accelex during its international expansion and also helped select its new CEO, Stuart Connolly. During his time there, he developed strategies to increase revenues and market awareness as well as drive strong revenues and market awareness growth.

Husk insulated refrigerators are more energy efficient than conventional models, reducing food waste by eliminating temperature fluctuations between freezer and fridge. He currently serves as General Manager at Husk Charleston where his role involves supporting and cultivating an interdependent atmosphere between front-of-house staff members and back-of-house staff.

Personal Life

He is an avid reader and enjoys coaching his children’s baseball team. An active member of First Redeemer Church and helping run their family-owned preschool, he and his wife have two imaginative daughters that keep him occupied playing acoustic guitar, coaching youth baseball and grilling out!

Husk Restaurant General Manager Matt Rehberger takes immense pride in being part of such an inspiring neighborhood and is honored to foster collaborative environments between front-of-house and back-of-house teams. Additionally, Matt has also made time for writing. Originally hailing from Charleston South Carolina USA; Matt currently divides his time among three full time jobs: software/web applications development; fatherhood; and writing; though once upon a time there was sleep!

Net Worth

The Shark Tank is an immensely popular TV show that shows entrepreneurs presenting their business ideas to a panel of investors for investment consideration. Once presented, investors then decide whether or not to fund it; with the sharks often being highly critical in order to ensure a profitable venture is pursued by contestants.

Husk, best known for his appearances on Shark Tank, is also the CEO of CloudMargin, a premier provider of collateral management solutions. As CEO he spearheaded its migration to the cloud and led them towards annual recurring revenue growth of more than 100% year over year.

Collateral Management Inc is the world’s only cloud-based collateral and margin management solution, serving numerous global financial institutions from its New York City location.

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