Steve Haglund

Steve Haglund – Auctioneer and Board Member of the Ceres Unified School District

Steven Haglund was a fourth generation auctioneer who owned Farmers Livestock Auction Market. Additionally, he served on the Board of Directors at Stanislaus County Fair and loved pulling antique tractors – even being part of Valley Tractor Pullers Association!

Kevin Decker of Peake LLC and Steve Haglund from W Energy Software’s Field Operations Solutions department co-wrote an insightful piece for Oilman Magazine that discusses several effective strategies operators can implement immediately to increase cash flow.

Early Life and Education

Haglund was raised on a ranch and became involved with 4-H. Later he followed in his father’s footsteps in livestock trading before eventually becoming an auctioneer himself. A member of California Livestock Auction Association as well as Ceres Unified school district board trustee, he served with distinction throughout his life.

He was chosen after an extensive hiring process as Pleasanton’s superintendent in June and will serve until April.

He leaves behind his wife, Jennifer; sons Clinton and Easton; daughter-in-law Sheri Linhares; sister Merisha Torrano; grandchildren Kendyll Cash Paige and Drew as well as an extended family of nieces and nephews. Services were held at First United Methodist Church of Modesto.

Professional Career

Haglund was an active member of his Modesto community, serving in both the Chamber of Commerce and on its board of directors for Modesto Regional Airport. Additionally, he owned a ranch there and enjoyed hunting and fishing as hobby activities.

He held visiting professorships in France (at Sciences Po in Paris and Saint Cyr-Coetquidan military academy); Germany (Universitat Bonn and Jena); Ireland at University College Dublin; and also led biannual study abroad courses to London for Idaho architecture graduate students.

He served as CEO of NeoFirma before its acquisition by W Energy Software in 2019. Now at W Energy Software, he serves as Vice President for Field Operations Solutions and acts as an authority on digital transformation for water management.

Achievement and Honors

Haglund skillfully led the Office for Bombing Prevention (OBP) through a challenging year in 2022, which witnessed an alarming increase in bomb threats directed against more than 30 of America’s 101 Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Haglund and his team provided essential capacity-building, preparedness and response support services to schools by conducting threat analyses, hosting training seminars, tailoring products and resources and offering expert advice.

OBP’s Counter-IED Training and Awareness efforts, such as Operation Flashpoint – which raises awareness among retailers about domestic violent extremists seeking explosive precursor chemicals – were spearheaded by him, impacting thousands of individuals nationwide.

Haglund found great pleasure in spending his free time with family and friends, particularly pack trips to Colorado and Alaska with his sons and other close acquaintances.

Personal Life

Haglund was deeply in love with his wife Jennifer (Sanders), sons Clinton and Easton as well as grandchildren Kendyll, Cash, Paige, Emily and Weslie who enjoyed spending time at his ranch – especially pack trips he would embark on with them!

He spends his free time fly fishing and hunting with his sons, watching sports (Chargers are his team), engaging in research into regenerative architectural design research at University of Idaho, as well as teaching it there.

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Net Worth

Haglund had an admirable philanthropic spirit and tirelessly assisted the community, including donations to sports teams and charities such as the YMCA of Modesto and El Reno High School Athletic Foundation. Additionally, he served on Ceres Unified District’s board of trustees until 1979.

Hunter and fisherman alike, he loved taking his sons on annual deer season pack trips through Colorado and Alaska. Additionally, he was an active member of California Livestock Auction Market Association as well as serving on Stanislaus County Fair’s board.

Haglund will be mourned by his wife, JoAnn; sons Clinton and Easton; daughters-in-law Sheri Linhares and Merisha Sanders; sister Lora Sanford; grandchildren Kendyll, Cash, Paige Drew Emily Weslie as well as many friends and family members who knew and loved him dearly. He will be dearly missed.

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