Steve Hagerman

Steve Hagerman – CEO of Wells Fargo

Steve Hagerman is a Senior Technology Leader for Wells Fargo. In this role he oversees architecture and product/agile transformation across consumer-facing technologies such as contact center, mobile banking, credit cards, personal lending, Zelle payments and payments. Prior to this position he worked at JPMorgan Chase as Chief Technology Officer, Managing Director and Head of Home Lending Technology.

Early Life and Education

Hagerman worked at Milwaukee Iron Company as a maker of railroad ties, eventually becoming its business manager due to his exceptional skill at his job.

He contracted pulmonary tuberculosis, severely diminishing his health. Moving to Colorado Springs’ dry air and high altitude may have helped.

Hagerman was taken to Vancouver General Hospital but soon afterwards his condition worsened, necessitating admission into an emergency room. While being led there by two guards, an accomplice appeared and pulled out a weapon; police have identified this individual as potentially dangerous; Vancouver police issued an alert. Hagerman had been extradited from New Mexico back to Michigan in connection with 1986 drug and conspiracy case where he faced life imprisonment if found guilty.

Professional Career

Hagerman has built an award-winning residential investment, brokerage, construction, and escrow company with investments worth more than $2.5 billion in total. Additionally, his expertise lies in structuring and capitalizing commercial real estate transactions using bridge debt, mezzanine debt or permanent financing solutions.

Hagerman has held several executive positions within Wells Fargo’s technology division throughout his career. He led teams that developed mortgage, home equity and correspondent lending platforms. Furthermore, he serves as a member of their Bank Technology Advisory Board.

Hagerman made his final American Association appearance against Oakland Beavers on September 23. He pitched two innings that would qualify him for a save today and was traded away to St. Paul for catcher Bob Marshall; ultimately playing out his career with St. Paul until 1919 when it closed its doors for good.

Achievement and Honors

Hagerman was one of the original faculty members at MSU’s residential college programs, such as Lyman Briggs. As part of this endeavor, he created an encouraging environment where biology students were encouraged to broaden their horizons and reach their full potential.

He dedicated his life to supporting children living with Fragile X syndrome. He organized various community events like X-Strides and educational sessions for families; further serving on the National Fragile X Foundation Clinical Trials Committee.

In 2022, Dr. Hagerman received the Hagerman Award for groundbreaking research on Fragile X-associated disorders. As director of T-PAL (Translational Psychophysiology and Assessment Laboratory), which uses brain imaging technology and family surveys to measure its impact, his groundbreaking work paved the way for innovative treatments and groundbreaking innovations.

Personal Life

AMBER alert was established following the unsolved kidnap and murder of a nine-year-old girl named Amanda Blixen on January 13, 1996, who rode her pink bike to a Winn-Dixie grocery store parking lot with her brother Ricky on that date.

Hagerman was arrested on federal cocaine trafficking charges in Detroit in 1986 and fled the country en masse, eventually seeking refuge in Canada and fighting extradition since.

He is also an investor in real estate, owning and operating residential investment, brokerage, and construction companies throughout the United States. To date he has invested in over $2.5 billion worth of residential investments; commercial/industrial properties as well as being on the board for non-profit organizations Young Life and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Net Worth

Hagerman holds a majority stake in Super Micro Computer Inc, a tech firm which produces server and networking devices since 1993. Recently, shares of this successful firm have hit all-time highs.

Hagerman serves as Chairman and CEO of Diplomat Pharmacy, one of the largest specialty pharmacies in the U.S. He is also involved in multiple charitable organizations; one notable donation being made to University of Kentucky where Hagerman had long been a fan.

Hagerman previously served as chief technology officer and managing director at JPMorgan Chase for 17 years, overseeing consumer-lending tech as well as establishing its first-mortgage lending platform. Today he owns several private companies; his estimated net worth exceeds $183 Million.

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