Steve Guzzetta

Steve Guzzetta

Steve Guzzetta had many accomplishments throughout his life, but the most gratifying one was his family. He was an outstanding husband, father and grandfather as well as being a dedicated teacher and assistant principal.

He is survived by his wife, children and grandchildren, including Sammy Rizzotto Bilsky, Jeremy Rizzotto and Kimberly Rizzotto Guzzetta Lyle as well as great-grandchildren Camryn Rizzotto and Avery Sladek; as well as by his brother Blaise Guzzetta.

Early Life and Education

Steve Guzzetta was born and raised in Houston, Texas by Biagio and Josephine Marino Guzzetta. After attending Jefferson Davis High School he joined the United States Marine Corps serving four years in the Pacific Theater including being present during Iwo Jima battle Survivorship.

Early in his career, he served as a propulsion engineer for General Dynamics in Fort Worth before accepting a role at the City of Houston as electrical plan checker for many years.

He enjoyed playing chess and racquetball, beach trips, and holiday family poker games that were fiercely competitive. Additionally, he was an avid reader – an advocate of reading himself as well as an admirer of Ernest Hemingway.

Professional Career

As a professional lighting designer and scenic artist, he has worked with multiple regional theatre companies. Additionally, he is a member of United Scenic Artists 829.

He strives to promote education in developing nations while supporting cultural preservation and educational initiatives in the US. Additionally, he owns an international travel services provider company.

Nan Guzzetta’s Main Street shop in Port Jefferson Village provided costumes and props for parties, weddings, historical reenactments, museum exhibits and festivals like the Port Jefferson Charles Dickens Festival as well as educational nonprofits that focused on women suffrage exhibits. Her children included Blaise Guzzetta with wife Rhonda; Sam Guzzetta Jr and Bernie Guzzetta Salvaggio as well as granddaughter Holly and Jenna Guzzetta who recently got engaged to Matthew Henley; stepchildren LJ Palermo with wife Rose Mary; Theresa Ignus with husband Leonard; Carolyn Grizzaffi with husband Michael as well as many nieces and nephews and nieces/nephes from various family connections; her descendants include many nieces/nephes/nephes/nephes/N/n/n/O/ Grizzaffi was always very creative; in many regards she made sure her designs would meet customers needs!

Achievement and Honors

His achievements include receiving the Kate Wheeler Strong Memorial Award for his efforts in raising awareness of Three Village’s rich historical and cultural heritage, while serving on the Board of Trustees of Three Village Historical Society.

Guzzetta’s research interests focus on contemporary drama and performance studies with an emphasis in Italian theater. Her recent publications include articles on Theater of Narration, modernism, subjectivity as well as book chapters for Olivetti which examine historical, political and performative dimensions of a form of contemporary solo theater performance.

She is currently working on an Eternally Present book project about grief and mourning, having published articles in Spunti e Ricerche and Spazio filosofico, Annali d’Italianistica as peer reviewed journals.

Personal Life

Guzzetta was an avid golfer and enjoyed spending time at the beach with her family. She also loved playing chess, racquetball and holiday family poker games where she would often win fiercely competitive battles against her competition.

She was passionate about history, and her stylized mannequins helped bring it alive for museum visitors. She participated in many historical reenactments as well as public and private displays; one project that particularly stood out was an exhibit about women’s suffrage for Port Jefferson historian Chris Ryon’s request.

Ms. Guzzetta leaves behind her children Holly Guzzetta McNair and husband Craig, Matthew Guzzetta and Nikki, Tyler and Ryan; siblings Blaise Sam Bernie; as well as nieces and nephews. A funeral mass will be held Monday morning at 11:00AM at Parish of Holy Family Church.

Net Worth

Steve Guzzetta was an esteemed entrepreneur, businessperson and sports figure. An avid golfer himself, Steve loved spending time with his family before succumbing to heart failure at age 73.

Steve L. Guzzetta Jr. was survived by three of his children: Stephanie Guzzetta Lyle (Married to Joseph W Lyle Jr), Jenna Guzzetta Henley and Matthew Henley as well as five grandchildren.

He is the brother of Blaise Guzzetta and Sam Guzzetta Jr, as well as being close friends with Joe Leonard Guzzetta Sr (deceased), was an enthusiastic supporter of his nieces and nephews as well as being passionate about arts, music, books and newspapers – reading them avidly with an avid reading habit; passionately playing racquetball, chess and fiercely competitive family poker tournaments during holiday family visits; proud of both family and Italian heritage!

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