Steve Goodling

Steve Goodling, Chairman of the House Economic and Educational Opportunities Committee

Under Goodling’s direction, the convention center has installed cutting-edge theatrical rigging and lighting technology into its arena, while repurposing previously underutilized spaces into trendy venues for parties and networking events. Furthermore, Goodling has increased bandwidth capabilities on campus so attendees can connect remotely as well.

He has also made significant donations to WomenShelter of Long Beach and spearheaded its Pacific Gallery fundraising campaign.

Early Life and Education

Goodling’s new role as chairman of the House Economic and Educational Opportunities Committee has placed him in an awkward political predicament. Within six months he presided over three major pieces of legislation with opponents to federal involvement seeking to curtail programs he long championed.

Last month, for instance, he had to defend against efforts by members of his own party to use committee markup to repeal Goals 2000 law and dismantle National Education Standards and Improvement Council, thus stripping states of their ability to set standards in their schools and colleges. A similar fight arose over a proposal to convert job training and vocational education programs into block grants that would be administered by governors.

Professional Career

Steve Goodling serves as CEO of the Long Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau, an integral component of its economic health. Overnight visitors bring over $300 million annually and support over 7,000 jobs. In addition, this bureau provides support to local charities and cultural groups.

At trade shows and event planning seminars across the country, he and his staff promote Lincoln by hosting familiarization tours for event planners from around the country. Their efforts have earned praise from publications including Meetings & Conventions magazine as well as Successful Meetings magazine which awarded Lincoln with “Best CVB in the West” status six consecutive times!

An action filed by former EOUSA Associate Counsel Falzon alleges that Goodling misappropriated his authority by making purchasing decisions which were unnecessary and overpriced for the bureau.

Achievement and Honors

Goodling’s success at the CVB has earned him national renown. BizBash recently honored him by inducting him into their Hall of Fame, while Meetings and Conventions and Successful Meetings magazines also recognized his work with awards, such as Meetings and Conventions’ Best in West Award.

Falzon made various allegations against Goodling that she claimed were true; the judge’s ruling didn’t address them directly, leaving open the possibility that Goodling may be held liable for punitive damages; his lawyers deny this possibility vigorously.

Falzon filed suit against Goodling, alleging he misused public funds on items like giant stuffed animals and an expensive set of Italian leather chairs that often went unused or broke due to his political power over ASM Global.

Personal Life

He currently resides at 1565 Hambiltonian Way in York, Pennsylvania and is married with two children and one granddaughter. Known for his expertise in events management, he has won multiple awards including recognition from BizBash Media Hall of Fame.

He serves on the boards of directors for Musica Angelica, International City Theater and CCEJ (California Center for Equality and Justice). Additionally he served on the National Trust for Historic Preservation board.

His leadership and vision have guided the Long Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau along a path of innovation and modernization that has garnered national recognition, such as Meetings & Conventions magazine and Successful Meetings magazine. Furthermore, his contributions were instrumental in recent terminal modernization projects at Long Beach Airport.

Net Worth

He received a nominal payment to appear in both Matrix movies as well as 3.75% of each film’s backend revenue, appearing also on several television series like CSI and Hannibal as well as hosting Family Feud TV show and offering clothing lines with his name on them.

Judge Goodling determined that Goodling had no motive to lie to investigators despite allegations from Falzon that many purchases-such as crystal chandeliers and giant stuffed animals-were wasteful and fraudulent. However, she left intact allegations that Goodling used his political influence to get Falzon dismissed from office.

Steve Goodling has led the Long Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau (LBCVB) for decades on an innovative and modernization path, earning praise from industry publications like Successful Meetings and BizBash for his dedication to customer satisfaction.

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