Steve Fake

Who is Steve Fake?

Steve Fake conducts research at the Social Identity and Morality Lab on social media, misinformation and political polarization; additionally he serves as technology writer for Forbes magazine.

Techies were left gasping when an aggressive blogger leaked an anonymous diary supposedly belonging to Steve Jobs and caused waves of laughter throughout the tech community. Since then, however, that blogger who revealed him has come under intense scrutiny himself.

Early Life and Education

Dan Lyons, 46, who began blogging as Fake Steve Jobs 14 months ago said he wasn’t out to ridicule the tech world; rather he intended simply to test his writing abilities. His humorous take on Bona-Fide Steve Jobs’ secret diaries left tech enthusiasts laughing with amusement; it proved an effective method in drawing new readers.

Once a New York Times reporter had cracked the code to Fake Steve’s pseudonym, however, the search for truth gained steam. Bloggers quickly used high-tech sleuthing and traditional reporting to unearth any clues as to his true identity; one particularly dedicated effort came from Gawker Media founder Nick Denton who spent days poring over Fake Steve’s posts and emails for clues to uncover who Fake Steve truly was.

Professional Career

After playing roles as special operations military soldiers in various movies, Seagal transitioned to direct-to-video action thrillers in 1996 with Kurt Russell’s Executive Decision as an expert Navy SEAL counterterrorism serviceman. Additionally he directed an environmental film called Fire Down Below.

He also published Options: The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, a Parody in 2007. This work expanded upon material found on his blog and included speculation on Apple’s stock options backdating scandal of late 2006/early 2007.

Andy Ihnatko of The New York Times conducted a lengthy investigation that exposed Lyons as “Fake Steve.” Ihnatko utilized both traditional newspaper reporting methods and social media as primary research methods.

Achievement and Honors

Silicon Valley gossip site Valleywag conducted extensive investigation to unmask the anonymous blogger who amused tech industry types with his humorous diaries purporting to come from Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ diary, who in reality was Forbes magazine technology editor Daniel Lyons. Lyons credits his diligent reporting as well as contacts in publishing for finally cracking this case.

Steve Jobs remains an inspiration to us all; his legacy lives on forever in all the innovations that it brought into this world. We shall miss him dearly but also remember his contributions with gratitude and rememberance.

Personal Life

Carpentry artist Seasick Steve excels at creative carpentry, designing and building store and restaurant fixtures as well as renovations of residential homes. Additionally, he makes a living performing as Seasick Steve playing gutbucket blues music gigs.

He holds multiple patents and a website, having started business since 2006. Since 14 months ago, Fake Steve blog posts have provided him with the perfect learning opportunity for blogging.

Silicon Valley has been gripped by a satiric diary written from Apple CEO Tim Cook’s perspective that mocks both his cult of personality and technology industry excesses. Following several attempts by bloggers (such as Gawker Media founder Nick Denton ) to identify its author, Dan Lyons, Forbes magazine technology editor was revealed by The New York Times as being its author.

Net Worth

Stephen Deleonardis, better known by his YouTube handle Steve Will Do It, is an esteemed entertainer with an extensive online presence. This influencer boasts multiple YouTube channels, social media accounts and an expansive NFT collection; earnings from videos, endorsements, sponsorships, paid collaborations as well as his collection of luxury cars have helped amass an immense fortune for this entertainer.

He is well known for being generous to his followers and giving away costly items such as Teslas. In one video he even gifted one to former opponent David Dobrik!

He currently estimates his net worth to be roughly $90 million, most of his assets consisting of real estate properties and luxury automobiles.

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