Steve Crandall

Steve Crandall

Steve Crandall was an incredible husband, father and leader who lived life to its fullest extent while making a positive impactful on everyone he encountered. He will be greatly missed.

Jared Carl and Audrey Benson told investigators, according to WSAU, that they paid Steven Crandall to carry out the killing. Carl and Benson face first-degree homicide and concealment of corpse charges respectively.

Early Life and Education

Steven Crandall was an extraordinary friend, leader, philanthropist, and outdoorsman. He co-founded Devils Backbone Brewing as well as being a leading advocate of Virginia craft beer culture and serving on the Brewers Association Packaging Board of Directors.

Crandall flew Huey helicopters during his second tour in Vietnam and earned the Aviation & Space Writers Helicopter Heroism award for daring missions under enemy fire to rescue wounded soldiers. Later he went on to work as a civilian contractor for the Department of Defense.

His love of nature began at an early age; growing up alongside Accotink Creek he would observe wildlife and birds; taking in orphaned squirrels and raccoons as pets to teach them hunting techniques.

Professional Career

Steve Crandall has found success working across various industries during his professional life. He has owned and managed various enterprises such as yogurt shops, printing businesses, furniture manufacturing companies, accounting firms and restaurants as well as serving as an accountant at large corporations.

He has taught Organizational Management and Communication courses at Davenport University, Grand Valley State University and Aquinas College as an adjunct professor, while also consulting on non-profit boards with regard to board governance, policy creation, team building initiatives.

Steve has built strong relationships with expert witnesses, in-house counsel, insurance representatives and courthouse personnel that allow him to uncover the truth about a case and maximize recovery and compensation for his clients. His legal acumen makes him an influential force within the legal field.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Crandall is an award-winning physicist and innovator across many fields. He is known for his pioneering work in photolithography, automatic defect inspection technology, wired and wireless high-speed access technology and multimedia transmission for social applications.

He is also a veteran, having completed two tours in Vietnam as a Master Army Aviator flying both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. For his actions during the Battle of Ia Drang he received the Medal of Honor.

He is an active participant in his community, planting food plots on his property and hosting youth and apprentice hunters to help them take down their first deer. Additionally, he donates to organizations working for wildlife conservation and hunting rights while being surrounded by his large family including his daughter Brooklyn who suffers from Type 1 Diabetes.

Personal Life

Steve loves nature and animals with an affinity that is truly remarkable. He has raised squirrels, raccoons, opossums and other forms of wildlife over his lifetime as well as riding many miles on his mountain bike.

He has extensive experience in domestic and international sales and marketing. Additionally, he is actively engaged with international manufacturing, corporate finance and financial analysis. Furthermore, he owns and operates 15 businesses, such as yogurt shop ownership, equipment leasing services, advertising campaigns and residential building companies.

Davenport University, Grand Valley State University and Aquinas College. Additionally he works closely with boards of non-profits and schools on topics of board governance, policy creation and team building.

Net Worth

Steve Crandall has extensive legal industry experience and contacts that enable him to efficiently reveal the truth in cases and maximize recovery for clients. He maintains close ties with expert witnesses, opposing attorneys, in-house counsel and insurance representatives that enable him to quickly locate information necessary to represent their interests effectively.

Crandall remains a formidable opponent despite his physical limitations, holding marathon meetings that span from all-day sessions to evening discussions. An overachiever and perfectionist, his passion for nature can be felt throughout his property; planting food plots and inviting apprentice hunters are just a few ways he spreads it around. Additionally, Crandall remains fierce advocates for his clientele’s rights; never once has he ever lost one case!

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