Steve Condon

Steve Condon is a Trusted Advisor to Many Clients

Steve Condon has long been considered a go-to advisor by clients and regularly interviewed by local and national media regarding financial markets. Additionally, he frequently contributes to industry leadership groups as a member.

Dr. Condon joins the Academy following a year-long, nationwide candidate search, with extensive expertise in enrollment management, accreditation administration, academic program expertise, and change leadership.

Early Life and Education

After graduating from Boston College, Condon relocated to Los Angeles with only $1500 and an eagerness to work hard. He took various entry-level jobs – working at movie theater concession stands and writing freelance articles – before his essays led him to writing for horror movie directors like Cormac McArthur. His essays eventually led to him writing one horror movie script after another until eventually landing him a role writing the director’s totem pole himself.

Condon holds a master of education degree from Florida State University, a doctorate of education from the University of Mississippi, and postdoctoral studies in educational management at Harvard. He has held administrative roles at numerous Christian universities while also serving as adjunct professor at LeTourneau University in North Carolina.

Professional Career

Steve is deeply committed to cultivating a team culture that strives to provide clients with an unforgettable experience. He takes great pleasure in working alongside experienced and principled professionals who recognize that providing excellent client care requires asking pertinent questions, listening carefully for answers, and crafting tailored plans for every individual client as unique individuals.

Steve represents clients in commercial real estate transactions such as acquisition, development, lease negotiations and sales or other dispositions. In addition, he handles associated finance projects as well as general business law matters. Steve takes an aggressive yet practical approach to his work which often results in mutually beneficial outcomes for all his clients. His focus lies mainly in shopping center projects; additionally he has held various academic and administrative roles at esteemed Christian universities.

Achievement and Honors

He received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from University College Cork, Ireland as well as a Doctoral Dissertation Award from the University of Wisconsin. Additionally, he served in leadership capacities at several renowned Christian universities including Huntington College, St Thomas University Reinhardt University and LeTourneau University.

He is also an honoree of numerous military awards and medals, such as the Air Force Exceptional Civilian Service Award and NASA’s Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal. Additionally, he volunteers locally and nationally in support of various U.S. military and NASA projects.

Condon was a 1951 graduate of Fort Fairfield High School. A talented multi-sport athlete, he won two Aroostook League championships in basketball as a senior. Additionally, he set three high school and county track records in pole vaulting and hurdles while competing at Fort Fairfield.

Personal Life

Steve Condon, as a resident of Clara City, is actively engaged in local affairs. He serves on the board of both Clara City Prairie Fest and 2180 Foundation; is also an active member of Canadian Country Music Association; together with his wife Dani they own 10:10 Creative production company that has worked with talent such as truth and salvage company Intergalactix as well as Nashville songwriter Shawn Lacy whom they met while creating Little Hollywood as their web series soundtrack.

Recent incidents involving Condon with the RCMP include his vehicle being reported stolen near Osoyoos Lake and later found burnt on Anarchist Mountain, prompting him to consider filing suit against them over this incident. Condon is an accomplished cabaret singer, acoustic guitarist, songwriter whose songs have even made nomination ballots for Grammy awards.

Net Worth

Steve Condon is estimated to be worth an estimated $5 Million. He spends time between Los Angeles and Nashville with his wife Dani and son, as well as participating in physical activities like golf and paddle tennis when not working. Steve Condon also belongs to various committees such as Independent Feature Projects in Los Angeles as well as steering committee for Independent Writers Steering Committee; currently pre-production on GONE LIKE NIGHT is underway while WE’RE STILL ALIVE is underway in pre-production.

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