Steve Chassman

Steve Chassman, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Lists His Southern California Estate For $15 Million

Steve Chassman possesses a distinguished background in business and law. He has spearheaded successful careers for clients from film, sports and production backgrounds like Transporter 2. Furthermore, Steve produced movies like Transporter 2 with Luc Besson.

Dr. McLaughlin has an in-depth knowledge of treatment modalities for mental health conditions and substance abuse, in addition to being an experienced individual therapist and facilitator of therapeutic and psycho-educational groups.

Early Life and Education

Steve Chassman is an experienced licensed clinical social worker, well versed in treating mental health and substance related conditions as well as disorders related to substance use. Additionally, he excels at leading therapeutic and psycho-educational groups for individuals and families.

Chassman hosts a training session on administering Narcan, which reverses an overdose, in this video. Drew Scott attended, having lost his granddaughter to heroin mixed with fentanyl in 2017.

Participants gained more knowledge on current trends in drug use, what has changed over time and engaging young people about substance abuse. In addition, they studied how culture can shape young people’s perceptions and behavior as well as learning to identify signs of opioid overdose.

Professional Career

Steve Chassman is an experienced licensed clinical social worker. As such, he possesses extensive knowledge in treating mental and substance related disorders using various treatment modalities. Furthermore, his experience includes being an individual therapist and facilitator of therapeutic and psycho-educational groups; in addition to speaking at professional seminars that further the advancement of skills and knowledge within this field.

Chassman is one of the founding Board of Directors members for LICADD in Mineola, New York, an organization which provides comprehensive mental and behavioral healthcare to people struggling with alcoholism and drug dependency. Furthermore, Chassman participates in several community outreach programs related to addiction while frequently speaking on its topic. Furthermore, for over 18 years now he has also been volunteering his services with youth sports within his community.

Personal Life

Steven Chassman is a married father with two daughters: SHANA LEELEE CHASSMAN and CYLIA MARTI CHASSMAN. He possesses an in-depth knowledge of family dynamics and can assist families through difficult periods in their lives.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, he possesses expert knowledge of treating mental health and substance related disorders through various treatment modalities. Additionally, he excels as both an individual therapist and facilitator of therapeutic/psycho-educational groups for clients and their families.

After six years with International Creative Management, Chassman founded Current Entertainment which specializes in talent representation and film production. Working alongside director/producer Luc Besson on several films such as Transporter 2, Unleashed and Taxi production; currently living between Los Angeles and Paris.

Net Worth

Film producer Steve Chassman recently served as executive producer on “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbes & Shaw,” as well as being responsible for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s crime-comedy “Kung Fuy 2.” Now, Chassman has listed his casual yet sophisticated Southern California-meets-South of France estate for nearly $15 million – having acquired it 13 years ago for just under $6 million in Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the income and net worth information shown here may differ significantly from Steve Chasman’s actual earnings due to various social factors.

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