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Musician Steve Chantrey

Steve Chantrey has released multiple albums. A guitarist by trade, he has performed on several television shows like Brand X with Russell Brand.

West Valley City police have denied that Josh Powell had anything to do with Susan’s disappearance; however, his statements have angered Josh Powell and other West Valley City residents.

Early Life and Education

Chantry began running track and cross country during his early years at both school and St. Lawrence University. Both of his grandmothers suffered from arthritis; therefore he wanted to stay fit as much as possible to reduce any potential joint issues in later years.

As part of his Mormonism-induced two-year mission in Argentina for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he also served as bishop in his local congregation. Unfortunately, during that period he became disillusioned and sought to remove his older children from Mormonism altogether.

He started writing songs about his wife under the stage name Steven Chantrey, eventually amassing around 50 titles on his computer. Some had full arrangements while others only included titles and some lines of lyrics.

Professional Career

“Jack” competed at both cross-country and track national competitions as an individual and relay runner, earning him a reputation as one of the nation’s fastest runners. After becoming one of the first professional distance running agents he represented numerous world-renowned athletes like Sebastian Coe, Alberto Salazar and Bill Rogers among many others.

He has also toured with Buckcherry and American Pearl as well as contributed guitar tracks for Insane Clown Posse album The Great Milenko. Currently residing in Los Angeles.

He was a regular guest on television talk shows and films, authoring several books on running as well as being an inspirational speaker. In 2010, he founded Running With Heart to assist children and adults living with disabilities run faster and more efficiently.

Achievement and Honors

Chantry founded and published Track Talk, an online newsletter about William and Mary track teams for 31 years, has been honored with being inducted into the W&M Athletic Hall of Fame, twice receiving Tribe Club volunteer awards (two Tribe Club volunteer awards are bestowed), the Aubrey Mason Sr volunteer award as well as receiving an Alumni Society medallion award. Chantry also funded 48 named scholarships at William & Mary track.

Powell kept a log of songs he was inspired to compose on his computer, from full arrangements with lyrics and accompaniment tracks to simple titles with just his warbled voice as accompaniment. Many were written about Susan and inspired by her passion.

At age 63, he has made an incredible comeback to masters track, winning both 1,500 and 3,000 meters at this year’s USATF Masters Indoor Championships and remains in contention to compete at the 2020 Olympic Games.

Personal Life

Police have never named Steven as a suspect in Susan’s disappearance; however, they have made it abundantly clear that he knows more than he’s willing to disclose. Steven has stated his intention not to be silenced but has refused to cooperate with investigators.

Friends and family of Steven report that he was deeply obsessed with his daughter-in-law. He wrote songs about her, often referred to her as his love interest, kept a journal filled with sexual fantasies about her, pasted photos of her onto photos of naked women – and was even known to keep photos of her attached to images of unclothed women for posterity.

He was an anti-government activist, regularly writing letters in support of white separatist Randy Weaver’s 1992 standoff with federal authorities at Ruby Ridge in Idaho. Additionally, he belonged to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and served a two-year mission for them in Argentina.

Net Worth

Steven Powell was a musician by profession who performed under the stage name Steve Chantrey. His compositions were inspired by his infatuation with Susan Cox Powell and she inspired many songs he composed that are kept hidden away at his former Puyallup home bedroom in Puyallup. Steven became a person of interest in this case and police searched his residence; their computer files contained over 40 songs inspired by Susan that started with four titles in 2002 to over 80 in 2008 (some arrangements including full drums, keys and guitar parts as well as lyrics only) with titles and lyrics nebulous ideas with titles; Steven invoked the Fifth Amendment by refusing police and refused cooperation and refused police cooperation until after several hours had accumulated within them in Puyallup.

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