Steve Bashi

Who is Steve Bashi?

Steve Bashi lives at 11957 Canterbury Dr in Sterling Heights and can be found by searching addresses, phone numbers and public records.

Kaoru Ishibashi, more widely known by his stage name Kishi Bashi, made waves when he released 2012’s haunting and atmospheric album 151a under his pseudonym Kishi Bashi. Combining both Japanese and English lyrics seamlessly.

Early Life and Education

Kishi Bashi studied music and composition at Berklee College of Music. As both an instrumentalist and vocalist, he has performed with numerous string quartets as well as being featured in concerts featuring Sondre Lerche and Alexi Murdoch; additionally being invited as guest musician to various festivals like Chamberfest.

Kishi released his album 151a in 2020, featuring songs that explore themes of human connection and compassion. Additionally, he created the soundtrack for Apple TV+ kids show Stillwater as well as songfilm Omoiyari that explored minority identity and Japanese American Incarceration in 2022.

Steve Bashi can be found at 11957 Canterbury Dr. in Sterling Heights, Michigan 48312-3021 and is believed to be associated with Tonya L Juhl – you can gain more information by searching their name on social media or public records.

Professional Career

Bashi’s work centers on the study of serial and intertextual narratives found in popular media texts. His research utilizes textual and genre analysis to explore issues of representation, adaptation, authorship and memory. Bashi has taught interdisciplinary seminar courses which invite students to think creatively across disciplines.

Bashi founded his own fabrication shop, Bashsea, that offers custom aquarium equipment. A self-proclaimed modern day Renaissance Man, Bashi designs and builds high end filters while remaining an enthusiastic aquarist and Koi enthusiast.

He is also a musician, having studied film scoring at Berklee College of Music and played violin for Sondre Lerche and Regina Spektor among others, covering Talking Heads’ “This Must Be the Place” on his debut album Lightght. He currently resides at 11957 Canterbury Dr in Sterling Heights Michigan.

Achievement and Honors

Bashi is known for creating a process to produce 3-D printed tissues for use in tissue engineering and the development of cellular systems. His work has earned him several accolades, such as the National Science Foundation Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers as well as Michigan’s Order of Merit award.

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Steve Bashi currently resides at 11957 Canterbury Dr, Sterling Heights, MI 48312-3021 and is said to have known or be connected with Tonya Lynn Juhl.

Personal Life

Bashi owns and operates a fabrication shop that specializes in custom sump and reactor designs, in addition to being an avid koi breeder and “rock drumming master.” He truly represents an impressive contemporary Renaissance man!

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Kishi Bashi blends violin with electronics and stylistic influences from multiple cultures and pop music eras to create his signature sound. He draws comparisons between internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II and current treatment of migrants and Muslims, advocating empathy as an antidote against bigotry and fear.

Net Worth

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