Steve Balas

Steve Balas – A Man of Many Talents

He was an invaluable member of his community and served on multiple boards, while taking immense pleasure in making an impactful difference in customers’ lives through Eagle Lake Drug Store.

He possesses considerable expertise in merger and acquisition transactions, joint venture investments, securities trading and capital markets issues as well as corporate governance matters.

Early Life and Education

Steve Balas was an exceptional individual with many talents. A respected member of his community in Eagle Lake, he served on various boards. Additionally, he was an extremely successful businessman and farmer; as well as an avid admirer of Tool, Mudvayne, Disturbed, Guns N Roses and Dixie Chicks music fans.

Linda Thomas became his life partner early in elementary school, becoming sweethearts by junior high and dating all throughout high school before marrying each other shortly thereafter. Following graduation from University of Texas Austin with a degree in pharmacy, he opened his own Eagle Lake drugstore as well as rice farming operations.

His scholarship includes developing research priorities to meet society needs and measuring university technology transfer performance. Currently, his focus lies on digital knowledge management in health care settings.

Professional Career

Steve Balas is a trusted advisor on corporate M&A, joint venture and investment transactions, capital markets matters, securities reporting (including for delayed filers) to SEC (including delayed filers), public company governance compliance as well as investment firm compliance issues. Additionally, Steve advises clients on internal control remediation, crisis management as well as internal and regulatory investigations.

He is dedicated to aligning the Foundation’s advocacy agenda and science strategy with patient priorities as set by its board of directors. Prior to being appointed President and CEO, he held the position of Chief Strategy Officer.

He is an advocate for those with disabilities and has guided numerous patients and their families through the complex landscape of healthcare, insurance, financial, and government-sponsored programs. His story and work have been featured by media such as NFL Network and ESPN.

Achievement and Honors

Edith Balas is a professor of art history in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her areas of interest are modern art (1890-1960) as well as painting and sculpture history, for which she has published many books and essays.

Steve took great pride in giving back and serving his community through numerous boards he served, such as First National Bank of Eagle Lake, Rice Medical Foundation, Wintermann Foundation and United Methodist Church. Additionally he held membership on Texas Pharmacy Association United Drugs National Pharmacy Co-op as well as USA Rice.

As well as this, he has granted numerous scholarships to students in need of financial aid, such as the Adelaide and Eleanor Johnson Scholarship, Betty Iljana Scholarship, Dan Draovitch Scholarship and Balas Family Scholarship – these being available to education, criminal justice and science students respectively.

Personal Life

Balas found great joy in serving his community despite a busy career and family life, serving on boards like First National Bank of Eagle Lake, Rice Medical Foundation Wintermann Foundation and United Methodist Church as well as being owner and operator of Eagle Lake Drugstore as well as farmer of rice.

He enjoys reading the Bible and spending time with his family, traveling, experiencing new cultures, listening to musical acts like Tool, Mudvayne, Disturbed Metallica Dixie Chicks Linkin Park among many more! History Channel and CNN are his go-to channels while being an active 4th Degree Knight with Knights of Columbus BC/Yukon jurisdiction and Certified Life Coach who founded Freedom Coaching are just a few things he enjoys in his free time.

Net Worth

As of November 2018 his net worth is approximately $1.3 Million and his income comes primarily through his work as a director, cinematographer, and content creator.

Additionally, he works as an associate at CoreLogic Inc. He has engaged in multiple trades of CoreLogic’s stock over the past year; on 14 December 2020 alone he exercised 11,937 units worth over $329,342.

Deirdre Herlihy and him seem quite happy together and seem free from any issues or controversy in their professional or personal lives, keeping their private lives out of the media’s eye.

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