Star Wars Goodie Bag Ideas

Fun Star Wars Goodie Bag Ideas For Your Jedi Party

If you’re planning a Star Wars party for your son or daughter, don’t forget to include some fun Star Wars goodie bag ideas for their party favors. These easy to make and affordable party bag fillers are sure to be a hit at your little Jedi’s birthday.

DIY R2-D2 Garbage Can

Whether your guest of honor is a seasoned Jedi or a newbie to the world of the force, they’ll love this adorable and inexpensive prop. You can easily create this R2-D2 garbage can using a regular paper bag, construction paper, and some glue. It will also serve as a cute addition to your dessert table, giving your guests a place to dump their trash without spilling anything.

Lightsaber Treat Cone

This printable lightsaber treat cone is the perfect way to give your guests a delicious snack while channeling their inner Star Wars hero or villain. Simply print out the template, then assemble the cone before filling it with their favorite party snack.

Star Wars Rice Krispies Treats

These fun star wars rice krispies treats are a great snack for your little Jedi or Rebel soldier, and they’re sure to get them excited about their Star Wars-themed party. They’re also a super simple recipe that can be whipped up by any home cook.

Princess Leia Bun Headband

If your aspiring Jedi princess is a fan of Princess Leia, she’s going to love this sweet and easy-to-make bun headband. It only takes 30 minutes to make and is a great DIY project for any Star Wars-themed party.

S’mores Set

If you’re looking for a sweet thank-you to send to your wedding guests, this s’mores kit is a great option. Each package comes with s’mores fixings and a personalized sticker with text in the famous Star Wars font.

Darth Vader Comic Illustration Mug

If the dad in your life is a fan of Star Wars, then he’ll love this funny comic illustration mug. It’s a great gift for any occasion, especially Father’s Day.

Custom Magnets

These laser-cut wooden magnets are a fun Star Wars-themed gift idea for the men and women in your life. They’re the perfect addition to any home bar or kitchen and are a great gift for your father-in-law or grandfather.

S’mores Popcorn Holders

If your Star Wars party is a family event, this s’mores popcorn maker will be a hit with your kids. It’s simple to use and won’t require any oil or butter, making it a healthier alternative to traditional popcorn.

Star Wars Coloring Books

These adorable and easy-to-make star wars coloring books are a great party favor for younger kids and their parents alike. They’re also a great activity for any Jedi or Rebel soldier who wants to learn more about the characters in the Star Wars universe.

BB-8 Goodie Bags

A Star Wars-themed party isn’t complete without a few Star Wars goodies. This cute BB-8 goodie bag features a printed image of the droid and can be filled with blue and orange candies.

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