Southern Jack

Southern Jack – A Day of High-End Country Music

Niko’s Red Mill Tavern welcomes Southern Jack for an afternoon of high-energy country style music – this free summer event is open and welcoming for everyone!

Jack Southern is a British artist and lecturer. Currently he holds two academic posts – as Drawing Studio Leader across MA and BA courses at City and Guilds of London Art School Kennington; and lecturing on University of Gloucestershire’s BA Fine Art course.

Early Life and Education

Jack lived and attended church with an integrated congregation as a child, which fostered an awareness and openness toward diverse human experiences that became the core of his work life.

His work in theology and religious education stands as testament to his devotion to healing communities. He has helped shape this field from both perspectives: major works that define it from above as well as recruiting and mentoring a new generation of scholars who embrace religious or Christian education as their calling.

His business acumen, leadership qualities, philanthropy and tireless volunteerism had an immeasurable influence on Red Deer and Alberta over many decades. His legacy will linger on.

Professional Career

Jack has an extensive track record of community service. He has served as campaign manager for two Vermont state senate campaigns as well as being on the boards for both Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities and Huntington Hospital.

At his legal practice, he provides comprehensive counsel to his clients in business litigation, cybersecurity and consumer financial services. Working closely with each of them to achieve their goals via jury trial, bench trial and appeal. A skilled negotiator and adept at helping his clients resolve complex matters, he is well-respected within the insurance industry with strong relationships built throughout the region he has formed strong bonds of respect between himself and agents he works with.

Achievement and Honors

Jack instilled the value of an excellent formal education in his children despite their modest backgrounds, sending them all to top colleges and universities across America. Thanks to Jack, none of his children suffered due to an absence of formal learning; each went on to become highly accomplished professionals.

Jack was also known for being generous. He gave back to his community by donating funds for various causes he believed in; both family and friends appreciated this quality about him.

The University of Alabama College of Human Environmental Sciences recently presented their annual Jack Davis Professional Achievement Awards during homecoming festivities at the college. These prestigious accolades honor outstanding alumni of CHES for their career achievements; recipients this year included Sara Elizabeth Denton Cox, Justin L. Davis, Sheriah Gibson, and Andrew Gipner.

Personal Life

Jack enjoys golf and woodworking in his free time. Additionally, he participates in civic initiatives including serving on the boards for GoodwillSR and Columbus Riverfest.

His works and performances serve as a testament to the America of legend, an expanse of hardship where hope often seems at an all-time low. With an unassuming demeanor and always willing to assist those in need.

He is an adept leader, evident by his ability to inspire and motivate those around him. An accomplished public speaker, he has served on multiple boards including those for Columbus Tech Curriculum Advisory Board, TFI Pension Committee and United Members Credit Association; in addition to serving as mentor for various youth programs and being an American Heart Association member.

Net Worth

Though Jack’s net worth remains unclear, he has experienced immense success in the music industry. His unique sound and perspective have attracted an enthusiastic following which likely contributes significantly to his wealth.

Jack runs his fuel distribution business while also owning Park Country Broadcasting Ltd. of Red Deer and serving as partner of KG Country Radio. An avid photographer and frequent outdoor enthusiast, Jack loves spending his free time exploring.

Matt brings years of senior finance experience with companies ranging from start-ups to global Fortune 10. His passion lies in mentoring others and using data-driven analysis for improved day-to-day efficiencies and providing runway for growth within organizations. Matt has also led several operations innovation and strategy projects.

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