Snowmobile Jacks

Snowmobile Jacks

Working on snowmobiles can be tricky without the right tools. A snowmobile jack makes lifting the back of your sled easier so you can access its track tension, suspension, and fuel system for maintenance work.

The Big Red Torin hydraulic powersports lift jack features a powder-coat finish and comes equipped with a vinyl-dipped bumper hook to add durability. Its wide loads capacity makes for effortless performance while the cushioned handle offers maximum comfort.

Professional Career

Jack Struthers was an accomplished Polaris terrain snowmobile racer. His success stemmed from both his superior riding skills and machine set-up expertise, along with being instrumental in getting Fox Shocks involved with racing. While not competing, Jack ran Carl’s Cycle Sales of Idaho with his family.

Professional snowmobile athletes compete year-round and need their equipment transported securely and easily. Air Lift has always been there to support them every step of the way.

Achievement and Honors

Jack achieved goals most snowmobile racers could only dream about. He earned over 150 class victories and series championship titles during his time behind the controls and now owns enough championship rings to fit them all on his hands!

At one point in his career, he competed both cross-country and snocross races and even won Snow Week’s Racer of the Year Award in 1990-91.

Jack has dedicated an immense amount of his free time and talent to volunteering within snowmobiling, including former president of a local club; organizing radar run events; creating promotional vintage displays; and working MnUSA’s state fair booth. For these efforts he was recognized with multiple awards from MnUSA! Currently living in Delano, MN

Personal Life

Snowmobile jacks are devices designed to connect with the rear bar found on most snowmobiles and raise its rear end off the ground, keeping its tracks from freezing onto the surface and reducing general wear-and-tear on belts and other supporting parts. Manufacturers recommend elevating snowmobiles when not in use in order to prevent their tracks from freezing over completely, as well as reduce wear-and-tear damage on support parts like belts.

As with all motorized vehicles, the jackshaft is one of many moving parts that collaborate to produce movement. Although it might appear simple and straightforward, jackshaft bearings may become worn over time from heavy use; thus requiring replacement on occasion – something readily available at most automotive stores for an affordable price.

Net Worth

Snowmobile jacks are essential tools for snowmobilers involved in track maintenance and repairs, especially those involved in track repair work. These handy lifts enable users to work on tracks, suspension, fuel systems and skis without placing undue strain on their sled; additionally they eliminate track freeze up and lengthen its life; mounting to rear tunnels, bumpers or running boards ensures easy access and can even be taken on trips easily.

Jack amassed a net worth of $4 Million through successful mining operations and income from his TV show, as well as through other ventures he enjoyed like gold prospecting and restoring an antique gas pump he found for free online! At age 74, Jack still enjoys living life to its fullest: flying planes and riding snowmobiles are among his many interests.

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